Nineveh opens branches nationality Bkordstan and close sheikhs headquarters due to corruption

2015-11-23 13:15:55

| (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Governor of Nineveh province announced the opening of three outlets for the granting of the identity card of the displaced people in the province of Kurdistan Region and the closure of nationality headquarters in northern Mosul sheikhs because of corruption.

Nofal said Hammadi Sultan "Three headquarters of the Department of Citizenship and conditions introduced in the district of Nineveh and Dohuk governorate Semel third and headquarters in the province of Arbil in order to facilitate things for displaced people in obtaining the identity of the Civil Status in those areas."

Sultan said that "sexual headquarters in the district north of Mosul sheikhs have been closed down because of the constraints and rampant corruption in that department."

Sultan said that the province "has allocated three buildings in the provinces of Arbil, Dahuk and will be furnished and equipped and join the staff in order to be close to the displaced people who have lost their belongings."

The province of Nineveh spend two sheikhs have been identified as the headquarters of the Department of the nationality of Nineveh province, but the circuit is witnessing significant momentum because of Iqbal displaced people from across the province of Nineveh, the displaced as well as the face of some difficulties and obstacles even access to the headquarters of Naturalization Service.