Peasant Assembly demanding Kirkuk regardless dues farmers to maintain and not to "Tsuifa

2015-11-23 14:38:51

| (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk

Peasant Assembly stressed in Kirkuk, Monday, that the financial benefits to farmers in the province owed by the Ministry of Commerce of 51 billion dinars, warning of "procrastination" in which, as pointed out that the peasants will stand cultivate their land for the current season in the event of non-payment of those amounts.

The head of the Assembly Ihsan al-Jubouri in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The financial benefits to farmers Kirkuk owed by the Ministry of Commerce in 2014, is 51 billion dinars," noting that "they do not charge means a clear violation of the instructions of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who instructed dispensed directly."

He said al-Jubouri, the "lack of financial dues means that the farmers will not cultivate their land this season, discharged because the funds must be repaid, and Maha cost of fertilizers, seeds and other financial obligations".

He called al-Jubouri, the Ministry of Commerce to "the need not to procrastination in the disbursement of financial receivables, because there is a commitment to the peasants," explaining that "this means that the deterioration of the situation of agriculture, especially that Kirkuk offer amounted to 500 thousand tons per year of wheat and barley in favor of the trade, and this is important to achieve self-sufficiency for the country. "

The MP for the Kirkuk Arshad Salhi student, in (July 8, 2015), the ministries of agriculture and trade instruments regardless of Kirkuk farmers amounting to 56 billion dinars from last season, while calling the Ministry of Finance to the petro-dollar exchange allocations for the disbursement of the salaries of contract employees to maintain.