24 hours before the deadline in Sinjar district for leaving troops

2015-11-23 15:37:46

| (Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Sinjar

Initiated some of the parties to enter government buildings in the district of Sinjar after restore, and taken by the headquarters of her, and called the Nineveh provincial council in a formal letter to evacuate the 13 government building in Sinjar has been converted into the headquarters of a partisan, and while the Kurdistan Workers' Party said that "it is too early for that," confirmed the Kurdistan Democratic Party, he did not take any government building based.

After the restoration of Sinjar in (11/12/2015), I took some of the government buildings populated parties to establish where, according to the members of the Council of Nineveh province, the militants are present in the parties within the 13 government building.

A delegation from the Council of Nineveh province, on Saturday, the Democratic party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Workers in Sinjar, said Council President Bashar Alkika network Roudao "The delegation met with all the parties that have the military power in the government buildings."

Alkika and said that he "must evacuate government buildings within 24 hours (ending Monday), so that those circuits staff unable to return to their shift in official institutions."

The worker Lists in section XVII of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in Sinjar, Qasim bribery of officials, to Roudao said they did not enter any government building, explaining that "the Peshmerga entered the three government buildings to protect them, and after the arrival of a message of the provincial council said that the police will come (to protect them) and we will evacuate when What came. "

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan also denied entering any government institution, said union organizations official in Sinjar, Jamil Khader to Roudao, that "after Operation Iraqi Freedom; the regulation of Sinjar headquarters in the former regime intelligence institution building, but we are not in any institution now."

While still protection units in Sinjar Sinjar police building, and protection units Mzalt are the other people in some institutions.

The leader of the People's Protection Units, Damhat Jvian, to Roudao The "Sinjar not fully recovered yet, and when it has been restored remainder of the land and returned to normalcy and re-reconstruction of Sinjar and formed the confidence of the parents, then we will not be in need of government buildings."

National Union does not support the survival of any power in government buildings, said union branch official in Sinjar that he "must be evacuated in order to resume their business managers and staff, to begin the process of reconstruction of Sinjar."

And whether the parties did not evacuate government buildings, the President of the Council of Nineveh province, said that "there is a specific deadline for the parties, and we'll go complaints against it if you do not disturb the government buildings, whether any force or party."

He said the mayor of Sinjar Mahma Khalil, said that eight of the governmental institutions managers attending their work day in Sinjar, and added to Roudao that "has been put seat for every manager in the tent set up in the Alqaimmqamah building, will be the absence of any director does not attend, and any manager lose consistently for a week of It will be no reason to remove him from office. "

And across Alkika the hope that does not any power to disrupt working in government institutions, thanking all the forces that protected the Sinjar and helped restore them and said, "knocked on the doors of many international organizations to help us in the reconstruction of Sinjar," he is explaining, "We need to 100 billion dinars to provide emergency services. "