Parliamentary Finance is a non-oil revenue to balance in 2016 "unrealistic" and confirms the Council's determination was

2015-11-22 22:50:32

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Parliamentary Finance Committee was amazed, on Sunday, to assess the government's non-oil revenues in the next 2016 budget, more than 13 trillion dinars, while I went back it was "unrealistic" it did not reach in the current 2015 to a quarter of that amount, it revealed the determination Council follow up on those revenues after the adoption of the budget, to stand up for what they are.

The member of the Committee, Najiba Najib, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The numbers included in the next 2016 budget was unrealistic those relating to income non-oil in particular", surprising of "Estimating the government non-oil revenue by 13 Trliuna and 400 billion dinars, While it did not arrive in the current year 2015, to a quarter of that amount in. "

She said Najib, that "the Council of Ministers formed a committee to see the reality of the figures contained in the budget in 2016, as there are practical measures taken in this regard," indicating that "Parliament will be a turn, a committee comprising members of the finance and economy, investment and energy committees, after the adoption of 2016 budget, to follow the non-oil revenues, to stand up for what they are, and follow up the collection of taxes and wages of electricity, water and customs. "

The Iraqi Council of Representatives decided, in (the 17th of current November 2015), call the ministers of finance, planning and oil, to demonstrate the government's view on the financial budget law for next year 2016.

The House of Representatives on the same day ended, the second reading of the draft budget law for 2016, after he had finished the first reading in (the tenth of this November).

The Cabinet, in (18 October 2015) approved a draft federal budget for next year 2016 Act, with a total expenditure of 106 trillion dinars, and the expected deficit of nearly 23 trillion dinars.