Parliamentary economy calls for the allocation of the budget to the urgent needs in the country

2015-11-22 21:26:08

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Commission on the economy of parliamentary and investment, on Sunday, on the allocation of the budget next year to the urgent needs in support of security forces and displaced persons and salaries, food, medicine, and insisting to be administered developmental objectives that are both former Calcnoat not, called the Office of Oversight and Integrity Commission to monitor and audit the annual expenditure.

Committee Chairman Jawad al-Bolani told a news conference held at the parliament building, and attended the (long-Presse), "can be unnecessary spending in the budget pressure and reduce annual spending expenses and allocated to the urgent needs which are concentrated in support of security sectors and taking into account the displaced and salaries, food, medicine and the purchase of weapons crisis to sustain momentum the battle and achieve victory. "

Bolani stressed, that "managed the budget next year developmental objectives that are both former Calcnoat that has wasted a lot of money without achieving the goal of economic development or not."

He said al-Bolani, "we will seek to be estimates of the price of a barrel of oil and the quantities produced daily and realistic treatment and subject to the standard of transparency and a commitment to do so," noting that "all parliamentary readings will depend on the product the amount of oil and the price per barrel, which is a variable presence of price levels acceptable quantities globally."