United Arab Emirates Oil Company is required to pay the province $ 100 million internationally after Mkadth

United Arab Emirates oil company operating in the Kurdistan region, announced that it has earned internationally verdict against him is required to pay the province $ 100 million. Said Dana Gas listed on the Abu Dhabi stock exchange, one of the largest oil and gas companies investing in the Kurdistan region that the Supreme Court in the British government of Kurdistan ordered to pay $ 100 million to a consortium of the company within 14 days. She said Dana said in a statement to the Stock Exchange that the court upheld the decision of the body Arbitration in London was released in December 2014 committed the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay the same amount within 30 days.
The consortium, which also includes the UAE's Crescent Petroleum and company OMV and the Austrian oil and gas company sued the UAE Ao.am.al arbitration in London in October the first in 2013 in a bid to ensure that contractual rights and get the amounts due on its production.
Dana said gas it filed before the Supreme Court after the government declined to Kurdistan for payment. There was no immediate comment from the government Krdstan.