Central bank: we are continuing to investigate Chalabi files, and faced with inquiries and calls for government agencies

He Almkza Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, to continue the investigation in the late National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi files, while noting directed inquiries to government agencies each sent their answers, pointed out banks fined files Chalabi said after investigation.
Keywords and said during a press conference held at the Central Bank building and attended (range Press), "The central bank had hoped to be files that were published for the late Ahmad Chalabi secret because they are issues related to money laundering and dissemination hurt in cooperation with other countries," stressing that "there Memoranda of Understanding signed with some countries not to publish this bond until fully verified. "
Keywords He added that "the central bank continuously checks for all files and face inquiries and calls for a government different and some of these inquiries years ago," noting that "there are circles sent their answers and some have not yet been received and files that were published we have investigated and Grmena different banks."
The President of the Foundation range of information, culture, arts, Fakhri Karim, handed in (the ninth of November the current 2015), President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, the full file to the issues of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency Alambtaah from the central bank auction, which was the Chairman of the Committee Finance in the House of Representatives and the President of the Iraqi National Congress, the late MP Ahmad Chalabi, had deposited a copy of it with Mr. Karim, a student submission to the judiciary in the case of a hated.
As President of the Foundation initiated the term, which looks because the judiciary rise in its duty to investigate the issues contained in the file and prosecute thieves of public money and bring them to justice, briefed a group of senior leadership in the state note of the order of that file and documents.
The Supreme Judicial Council announced, in (the tenth of this November), for receiving the documents Chairman of the Finance Committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi, submitted by the head of institution-range of information, culture and the arts, Fakhri Karim, as decided the composition of the investigative jurisdiction to consider those documents, he noted that the public prosecutor will appear before the investigative panel to express his requests and follow-up.
The (long) have begun to (the seventh of November 2015), disclose the files of corruption, which was the leader of the late National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi, intends exposed to public opinion, also published a new file for a money transfer companies that deal with the central bank without It is registered in the Ministry of Commerce.
The late President of the Finance Committee parliament, Ahmad Chalabi, remained busy for many years, financial and administrative corruption issues of major, at the forefront of smuggling billions of dollars out of the country through the fake financial companies mostly bankers freshman exhausted these billions from the state treasury and profiteers, which led to the the emptiness of the treasury and the disruption of economic and service many projects, as well as issues related to what is known as "lagging projects", which projects spent by the billions and hundreds of millions of dollars has not been completed despite the passage of years supposed to end appointments, including projects related to the production of electric power and the other belonging to the secretariat of Baghdad and a number from the provinces.