Anonymous shut down 20 thousand account for {} Daash on «Twitter»

Announced that a subsidiary of the famous "Anonymous" electronic piracy accounts, his success in the closure of more than 20 thousand account for the organization "Daash" terrorist on the site "Twitter" during the past few days.
Comes "Anonymous" attacks on "Daash" accounts, After vowing to do so in response to the organization of the attacks that hit the French capital Paris a few days ago, and led to the deaths of at least 130 people, and launched the "Anonymous" group on the operation against "Daash" name (Op Paris- Paris process) and announced that it will be used where all the technical capabilities developed with the participation of the majority belonging to them from different countries of the world, the group was also keen to provide an adequate guide for ordinary users to encourage them to contribute to operations, whether through the track "Daash" accounts or even teach them how to penetrate these accounts.