Abadi: for us to impose customs lack of control over all ports and the exploitation of other conditions

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, the government postponed the imposition of customs on imported goods, the lack of control over all border crossings.
A statement from his office, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it for Abadi during his speech at the workshop system reform Alkmarki, saying, "There are serious attempts to reform in all sectors, including agricultural and industrial, the two need to reference the real support", stressing "The importance of balancing between Alkmarki system reform and the protection of national product and is not affected commodities for citizen it." He pointed to "the existence of trying to flood the market with goods bad for the objectives of profit and other targets, it is important to take a package of measures to impose customs correctly," noting that "we us the imposition of customs for several reasons, including lack of control over all the ports, and so as not to exploit the situation by some to while placing the mechanics are correct. "He added Abadi" with lower oil prices and lower revenue and expand the previous spending we are looking at spending last represented military spending that can not be reduced, because the gangs Daash represents an existential struggle, and they want to eliminate the name of religion to religion. "He added that" two-thirds of the battle that we are waging a psychological war with terrorism, and we stand in front of her and that life goes on and we win and build the national economy and uphold our unity ".