The Guardian: America sent $ 12 billion for Iraq and left him collapses


Agencies: the United States sent about $ 12 billion to Iraq, and let them deal with it without the knowledge of those who will get it, and how it will pay, and on what, according to what is stated in the British newspaper The Guardian.
The newspaper - in a report on its Alaketrona- that this amount was the largest amounts transferred from America to another country in the history of the US Federal Reserve Board. She explained that in the year that followed the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, I sent about $ 281 million was weighing about 363 tons of New York to Baghdad for disbursement to Iraqi ministries, and American contractors, were used "C-130" aircraft in hitchhike once or twice month.
The paper says the note prepared for the meeting of the House of Representatives said the shipments, which came to Iraq aimed for the reconstruction of Iraq, commented Henry Waxman, chairman of the subcommittee for monitoring and Government Reform of the US House of Representatives, and a critic of the war, to send that amount, saying "money connected to the process were awesome, and illogical, it sends this amount of money for the war? ".
According to a detailed memorandum that the money earned by Iraq came from Iraqi oil sales, citing an official at the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants, the records shows the contractors receive a $ 2 million mobiles in the (big bags).
The note also pointed to the loss of large sums of money sent in corruption, and obtained by the thousands of employees who had received checks from Iraqi ministries under the control of the Coalition Provisional Authority, American officials expect that some of the funds were used to support the rebels, criminals and veterans of the United States.
According to Stuart Bowen, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, about $ 8.8 billion of the amount spent without any collateral to be used the right way, but after the publication of the note, it is believed that the amount increases up to about $ 20 billion, obtained by the Iraqi interim authority and squandered Plavaidh.
The newspaper to believe US officials and members of the Committee and drew that senior officials in time of war have shrugged off the billions sent to Iraq, and in using and why, because they were not from taxpayers' money in America.