Keywords: project to delete the zeros did not stop there and the circumstances relating to the country's stability

Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords

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11/22/2015 12:44
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, on Sunday, that the project to delete the zeros of the currency did not stop, and among the conditions relating to the stability of the country intervened as opposed to the project, pointed out that the currency of the 50 Alpha does not lead to inflation.

He said on the Keywords during a press conference held at the Central Bank building and attended (range Press), "The project to delete the zeros did not stop but there are circumstances related to the country's stability and operations management and organizational intervened as opposed to this project," stressing that "there is a committee exists within the central bank's mission review This file accurately and give the results between now and then, including studying the market and the general situation of the country. "

Keywords and added that "print currency fifty thousand dinars, do not lead to inflation or raise prices," pointing out that "the currency came in exchange for the damaged currency as well as it was printed to respond to Iraqi requests in terms of trading and transfer money the fact that the recent currency category 25 thousand low compared to the monetary mass in ".

The economists promised on Saturday (September 20 2014), the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency trend "sensitive and dangerous" in light of the situation in which the country is going through, and while others stressed that the process is left to the decision of the Central Bank of Iraq only for being on the monetary policy of the country, he stressed MPs in Parliament on the need to be the process of deletion of zeros on sound techniques and procedures.