National Union: strategic agreement with Democrats still in force


Union confirmed Mullah Bakhtiar working body official in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau, on Sunday, the National Union of part of the solution to the problems of the region, noting that the strategic agreement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party is still in force.
This came during a joint press conference with Mullah Bakhtiar Nechirvan Barzani, deputy head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Arbil, adding that negotiations will continue between the Kurdish parties to end the political crisis in the region. He said Bakhtiar: The meeting also covered the current situation in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the region.
For his part, Vice President of Njrfan Barzani of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the meeting as positive, adding that the two sides stressed the need to unify the Kurdish House, praising the role of the Patriotic Union official to address the situation in the region.
It is said that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) delegation consisted of Messrs Mullah Bakhtiar working body of the Politburo and able official flesh Jean-member body working in the Political Bureau and Saadi Ahmed beer Politburo member and Qubad Talabani, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party delegation consisted of Messrs Nechirvan Barzani, deputy head of the Democratic Party Kurdistan and Fadhil Mirani and Azad Barwari and Rose Nuri Shaways and a number of members of the Political Bureau.
And he visited the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan delegation on 11/12/2015, Arbil Kurdistan Islamic Union and the Islamic Movement in Kurdistan, Sulaimaniya and in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan delegation visited the MDC on 11/14/2015, within the framework of the launch of the Patriotic Union of a new initiative to end the differences between the Kurdish parties in the province.