Mrs. Hero Ibrahim, deputy head of the Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity


Union took place Friday in Baghdad, the fourth conference of the Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity, the presence of more than two hundred members and cadres of the Council in addition to a number of cultural and intellectual figures and events of the Iraqi civil society. The Office for National Relations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Baghdad sent a congratulatory message to two conferences on behalf of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), wishing them Muwafaqiya and success valuing the importance of holding this conference in such difficult circumstances through which Iraq is being comes true reflection of the aspirations of the Iraqi people and the political forces that believe in democracy and the peaceful resolution of problems and differences and coexistence in order to secure Iraq and reconciled with itself, has been the recitation Patriotic Union of Kurdistan message immediately after the recitation message Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. It is worth mentioning that he was elected both Saadoun Philly national relations of the Patriotic Union official and good meat Nasser Bureau member and Razak opener of organizations Baghdad, members of the presidency of the Council, was elected as Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, Vice-President of the Council, and was re-elected Fakhri Karim, President of the Council.