Allawi and Barzani Istnkran "individual" practices that strained the relationship between tomorrow
2015-11-22 18:26:20

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He denounced the president of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, the head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, what Asmiaha as "individual acts and practices" which is pushing for straining the relationship between the center and the region.

He said Allawi's office said in a statement that "Allawi held today a telephone conversation with the head of Iraq's Kurdistan region Msaada Barzani," noting that "the two parties deplored some of the behaviors and practices, individual and isolated, which is pushing for straining the relationship between the center and the Kurdistan region of Iraq."

He said the office, that "the two parties said they considered the victory over Daash McCann gangs to get it not for the unity of the Iraqi people, and to weaken this unit is in the enemies of Iraqis from the terrorists and extremists service."

Office quoted Allawi as saying, "It must be that possess all restraint, and not being sucked some behind the rhetoric," and called for "calm and launch constructive dialogue between all parties to miss an opportunity to those who are trying to prejudice the National Meat and cohesion of the Iraqi social fabric."

Allawi said that "in Sinjar victory is a victory for all humanity."

The social networking sites picked up video recordings that the number of citizens in Karbala raised the flag of Kurdistan and the image of central, to the ground and trampled it underfoot, against the backdrop of recent events Tuz.

As Chairman of the Board denied Karbala Nassif Jassem rhetorical, on Saturday (November 21, 2014) displays flag of the Kurdistan region to insult or burning in the streets of the province, adding that what was raised in this regard as a mere "fabrication," in order to create confusion and discord.