Zobaie discuss with the UN representative in Iraq to recover the stolen money and wanted to spend and support the fight against corruption

Search head of the Integrity Committee MP Talal Khudair Zobaie with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq and the President of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq, Jan Kubis important issues including the recovery of Iraqi funds smuggled abroad and the arrest of wanted to spend in coordination with Interpol and support the Commission's efforts in the fight against corruption.

And accept Zobaie Chairman of the Integrity Commission, the achievements and actions taken by the Commission recently in the fight against corruption and to prosecute the corrupt and bring them to justice.

He explained that the Commission has an effective and important steps in activating the supervisory role of the Integrity Commission, and particularly to paralyze the House of Representatives in general of host integrity courts judges and officials of the Integrity Commission and inspectors general and the follow-up reports and lawsuits BSA.

He said the UN representative to the committee and its members are working to uncover the files of corruption in all ministries, adding that it was formed field teams to detect corruption in state institutions.

In turn, announced Kubi UN ready to offer all the possibilities available to it to support Iraq and the House of Representatives and the Committee on Integrity in particular in programs to fight corruption and support the judiciary and the development of the judicial performance.

And the face of questions set to MP Talal Zobaie Chairman of the Committee on the obstacles to the supervisory work and the obstacles they face in the fight against corruption and ways to overcome them and effectiveness of the Iraqi laws in corrupt accounting, where MP Talal Zobaie that Iraqi laws effective and resolute in the fight against corruption but the problem is properly implemented and fair, transparent and independent.

UN envoy also stressed the willingness of the international organization to help Iraq recover his money smuggled abroad and the fight against money laundering and the arrest of wanted men who are abroad and handed over to the Iraqi judiciary in cooperation with Interpol.

The two sides agreed to continue meetings and hold a future meeting in the presence of all the members of the Integrity Commission, to listen to their opinions and suggestions about the fight against corruption and the achievement of the Iraqi people demands for reform and the prosecution of corrupt and restore public money to the state treasury.