Dr. Iyad Allawi, secretary general of the Iraqi National Accord Movement will meet the leaders and cadres of the movement

2015-11-22 09:35:04 |

(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He chaired by Dr. Iyad Allawi, secretary general of the Iraqi National Accord Movement meeting of some members and leaders of organizations Baghdad office and representatives of the two branches of the provinces to discuss the political situation and the developments of the war on terrorism and to discuss the regulatory status.
At the outset of the meeting it took Dr. Iyad Allawi gathered developments in the political situation at the national level as well as on regional and global scales, also touched on international efforts in the war on terrorism, which is threatening the world and hits all over the place, stressing the need for Iraq to play a leading role pivotal in leading and coordinating efforts between different alliances to defeat Daash, reiterated his call for a regional conference lays the foundation for the security of the region and the safety of their people also called for the formation of front moderation and national along the arena Arab and Muslim, and in the other hand touched Dr. Iyad Allawi to the movement's efforts and endeavors to build character front moderation Arabic and to his meetings with the leadership of Palestinian Fatah movement and a number of Arab parties and movements will also meet with representatives of the parties of the Islamic countries, recalling the urgent need to achieve reconciliation and national unity and strengthen the internal front to achieve a political victory as a guarantor of military victory and sustain the gains achieved, and that this is linked first to desist from methods of exclusion and marginalization and promote participation to be comprehensive the parties.
Dr. Allawi also stressed its continued support for the legitimate demands and peaceful demonstrators, stressing the need to open up to the forces of the popular movement and national leaders, and the various political forces and social events and community organizations and clans, students, youth and women .mzkra that Iraq needs a real and important reforms in the field of security and the elimination of extremism and edit cities and the development of plans post-liberation as well as in the economic and financial field and in the field of reconciliation and building of state institutions.
The meeting was attended by some of the members of the National Coalition of deputies and members of the Baghdad Provincial Council and the leaders and cadres of the movement.

The Iraqi National Accord Movement
November 21, 2015