Czech Republic to send 50 tons of hand grenades and machine guns to Baghdad and Erbil
Saturday, 21 November 2015

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Embassy in the Czech Republic announced on Saturday, that Czech will send shipment of bombs and machine guns for the federal governments

in Baghdad and Erbil in Kurdistan Region.

According to a statement issued by the embassy received by Shafaq News, the Czech defense minister, Martin Strupnitsky mets Iraq's ambassador to the Czech Republic, Walid Hamid Shiltag.

According to the statement, Shiltag praised what the Czech Republic offered of a military aid from his country and reiterated the importance of developing cooperation between the two sides in the defense field, as well as developing training personnel affairs, industries and military equipment

While the minister of the Czech Republic noted to implementing many of the agreements with Iraq, also confirmed that there are other thoughts in the way for closer military and defense cooperation , and the continuation of the Czech aid represented by the recently ammunition, weapons, most recently a new shipment to Baghdad that have been moved with the help of the United States of America.

The statement said that this has coincided with the confirmation of the Czech Defense Minister in this regard by delivering Iraq last week with a number of aircrafts (159) fighters, while launched today to Baghdad and Erbil a shipment of 50 tons of hand grenades and machine guns