Economic reforms are supposed to lead to the diversification of resources

11/22/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD Joseph Zayer - Shokran Fatlawi
building a strong economy depends on the strength of sectoral sources and what they offer products and services to the domestic market and the resulting from the strengthening of the value of the Iraqi dinar, that's what made ​​him an economic expert d. Akram Abdel Aziz, a member of the administrative board of the Association of Iraqi economists. She said during a lecture at a seminar center «morning» for studies strategy in the presence of fellow editor and a number of economic experts and interested parties and a number of colleagues Editors: The current directions of the government in the economic side, aims to put a quick general lines of the themes that need to activate Ptoukitat specific time and a broad and balanced reforms the structure of the Iraqi economy.

Confirmed Abdul Aziz importance of achieving diversity in the structure of the economy through the use of expert opinions and intellectuals as well as the employment potential in support of reform and follow-up and management of money and public elements accounting connecting wages with production the fact that those measures capable of Bhhalp financial crisis experienced by the country in light of declining revenues, even partially.

She stressed that: the reform should be based on the fact that the increase in revenue is not only based on the increase in the tax base or salary cuts but the expansion of oil derivatives manufacturing in light of increased crude oil production and source out of the country and the form in which it can meet the needs of home and limits the import and that the size of the heads of the Ministry of Oil to strengthen and expand the construction of crude oil refining factories base so as to ensure the presence of oil products can come revenues exceed the size of what comes from crude oil.

stressed the importance of making use of associated gas that is wasted by burning and the need to turn it into a source quantities serve the country and employs industry electricity, petrochemicals and uses other task, noting the importance of strengthening the role of the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical and textile industries and all that enhances the development of the industrial sector and diversify sources of income.

She explained the country's need to raise the contribution of industry to GDP to achieve the revenue enters the supporting infrastructure provision and to encourage partnerships with investors and the provision of agricultural production, livestock and the foundations of the success of agricultural land requirements to be productive and Aigb about the need to boost agricultural production base and provide its requirements so as to ensure the achievement of self-sufficiency for the agriculture and Aigb about it Mai_khas industry any need to provide food and pharmaceutical and environmental security of the Mwatunain.ovi treatment to develop agriculture it may be possible to go to buy or rent or invest in the territory of neighboring countries to cultivate president of crops in the presence of problems specific to the agricultural reality of desertification, water scarcity and technological obsolescence of emergency on the country and the circumstances and to achieve the aspect of food security.

In terms of next privatization showed the importance of the reformist trends included in aspects of public companies that represent a burden on the state and orientation transferred side of laboratories and government factories to the private sector.

It is here, to be taken by sale liquidation are laboratories and factories losing that demonstrate economic feasibility studies that accounting records as well and will not avail be rehabilitated.

On the other hand, the there companies can be rehabilitated shall be privatized in part or in whole may be by the administration or by shares put up bonds for workers to possess to be joint-stock companies presented their shares in the stock market or put to invest and are put administrative arrangements in advance in terms of manpower surplus As for Initiating him carrying a result of the privatization of social cost, but the necessary calls to keep the Public Interest strategic and necessary companies under the public sector umbrella after it is restructuring so as to ensure improved performance and revenue recognition.

Abdul Aziz confirmed that the reform process must be in harmony and promotion of the private sector which is it the task of the national management of the economy after the transformation of the economy of the open market.

She noted Abdul Aziz should be to be the pension fund investment and that strongly at the same time any should be turned into a base for self-financing of the finances of his administration and its needs in the presence of a financial surplus has and that this trend contributes to the insurance and investment and not a fund for social welfare as some specialists said and detract from that context of the need to create a fund for the private sector is similar to the above.

Took place after numerous interventions by Messrs guests poured in promoting the required economic reforms.