Next investment

Author: Yasser incumbent

11/22/2015 0:00

The government is counting on the new investment law and more correct amendments to the investment law in stimulating investors to engage in the implementation of projects needed by the country in order to contribute to resolving the economic situation sluggish as Seems that the unremitting efforts focused on preparing for the new draft law but it is also not safe from objections appeared here and there according the views of specialists and followers economic Shan.

All these measures and the efforts do not constitute something about the ability to attract investment and international companies sober for entry into real investment phase touches the need of the national economy and reflected on the standard of living and service level of the citizen which is the ultimate goal Baltokid.olal biggest obstacle faced this next investment that related benefits payable to local companies as a source of attracting international investment How? .uahdh of the most significant investments World and its requirements is to look for a local partner helps in a lot of tasks and supplies required in the implementation of a project and the reason that the private sector is based on the bridges of trust between the representative at home and Aforeig.ourgem that the investment looking for a government guarantee for their rights, but this guarantee may be exposed to a loss of confidence because of the inability to pay dues that have accompanied the payment or condoned shall be the reason, so we considered an obstacle Aothdia Investment Global Almqubl.acharkat draw their information from the local private sector in the areas of many because there is cooperation and firm on many investments in other countries, hence the private sector job in the real marketing next investment as a guarantee of informatics for companies and investors Alajanb.azn need requires research in the mass settlement dues for local companies to dispel suspicions and to help carry the private sector minute responsibility to ensure Informatics and actively contribute to attracting international investments, that when the new law will be effective influence in the creation of attractive investment climates with our confidence in the ability of the private sector to shoulder its responsibility in building the country.