House of Representatives vote on the three laws including the Law Foundation of Martyrs

Voice of the House of Representatives regular session held its session headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 204 deputies today Saturday, 11/21/2015 at the three laws, including the law of the Martyrs Foundation, and hosted by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

At the outset of the session condemn MP Hassan Chuird Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee the terrorist bombing of the Hasina in terms of rational province south of Baghdad and killed a number of martyrs and wounded, calling to thwart terrorist plans and promote national unity.

In turn, President al-Jubouri behalf of the Council deplore the cowardly act that targeted hand, calling for the security services to take caution and assume their responsibilities to protect the citizens and give the chance to the terrorists.

The Council voted on a proposed annexation of the hospitality institutes to the Ministry of Education and sponsored by committees of Tourism and Antiquities, legal, education, and who came to allocate the Ministry of Education in the management and supervision of vocational education sector with a view to law decoder tourism and hospitality from the Ministry of Tourism Institutes Link.

In another matter, the Council voted on a resolution to take the necessary measures to amend the special grades in independent bodies and government agencies to be chaired by the rank of Deputy Minister, after the submission of the request of 50 deputies.

The Council voted on the Martyrs Foundation and sponsored by the committees of the martyrs and victims and political prisoners, human rights and legal law, which was to achieve justice in the granting of rights and privileges for the families of the martyrs of the former regime victims by raising the physical, scientific, health and cultural level and in proportion to the size of their sacrifices and the appreciation of the martyrs of the Mujahideen of the popular crowd in maintaining the land and the sanctities of Iraq comprised the same rights and privileges granted to the martyrs of the former regime and a tribute to the martyrs and equitable hostilities and military mistakes and terrorist operations and to deliver the rights of their parents.

The council also voted on a first draft amendment to the law to compensate those affected by the military operations and military errors and terrorist operations and submitted by the committees of the martyrs and victims and political prisoners, human rights and which aims to equate covered by the provisions of Law No. (20) for the year 2009 in terms of rights and privileges for covered by the provisions of the Martyrs Foundation Law No. ( 3) for the year 2009 and to develop a circle in the martyrs institution dedicated to people with martyrs covered by the provisions of this law and the inclusion of the wounded popular crowd and the Peshmerga and those who were injured in the Mgarathm of the Baath Party of the former and to simplify the work of the sub-committees and the Central Committee and treatment has been shown by the practical application of the law of the defect and improve the living conditions of those categories and compensation measures the victim for the harm.

This was followed by Rep Rehab Alabboudh a statement on the occasion of World Children's Day, which the United Nations approved the Convention on Human Rights and considered it a day of brotherhood and compassion for children, citing the risks to Iraqi children to the ugliest forms of terrorism at the hands of terrorist gangs Daash.

She stressed Alabboudh deputy head of the Committee on Women, Family and Children Committee to assume the responsibility of defending the rights of the child as well as legislation that many of the laws that serve the Iraqi interests of the child and ensure his free life and decent living.

On the other hand, the Council hosted the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs to discuss the application of the mechanism of social protection law and the obstacles encountered under the pressure of government expenditures in the federal budget for 2016.

For his part, Mr. explained Mohammed Sudanese Minister of Labour and Social Protection Act addresses the issue of poverty and the situation of living for poor families and provide social benefits in learning and the areas of health, pointing out that the old law was serving certain groups with basic standards of the new Code of social protection includes large segments within three joints a safety nets and pension funds and labor market policies.

And between the minister that law enforcement measures within the next budget has not been completed because of the need for a body processing and Angels functional and field survey and official data, referring to the contract the ministry with the 1500 social researcher to carry out the survey in the current phase, adding, been lifted specified in the federal budget for 2016 amount to stroll covered by the requirements of social protection law.

Mr. Minister of Labour pointed to the existence of obstacles to the work of the ministry to complete the survey poor and needy families across the provinces requirements, pointing to the completion of the survey in a number of them excluding the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin because of the security situation.

Mr. Sudanese and revealed the allocation of 120 billion dinars within the budget of the beneficiaries of social protection within the law, calling for an increase to cover a broader allocation for the poor up to four million beneficiaries, revealing the work of the ministry is not affected by the transfer of powers to the provincial councils.

In the interventions of the House of Representatives, ladies and gentlemen, I suggest MP Saleh al-Hasnawi go to Social Security to include the rights of women and children in order to avoid obstacles Law.

MP Furat al-Tamimi disclose the Ministry of Labour for data covered to reduce the squatters on the social protection rights.

And MP Ali Safi need to increase the number covered by social protection and covered by small loans.

And he wondered MP Risan Dler about the ministry's plan under the pressure of the general budget expenditures and their responsibilities towards the victims of human trafficking and survivors Alaesideat.

He called Knight Knight to take into account the conditions of the displaced and to consider its needs.

The MP called on the victory Jubouri to consider the Nineveh province's displaced residents in the provinces of Kurdistan region transactions.

The MP Ammar Tohme the inclusion of people with special needs and disabilities within the law and conditional subsidy.

And Rep. Najiba Najib wondered about the fate of dues peasants in the Kurdistan region.

MP Abbas al-Bayati, to the importance of not reducing the social welfare network budget through transfers to support this network.

I inquired MP Iqbal Ghorabi mechanism for inclusion and increase the proportion of the province of Diwaniyah in the care network dues.

Considered high MP Nassif need to contain a family of beggars and battered by the ministry.

He urged the MP Mohammed Naji on the rehabilitation of child beggars in the streets and the adoption of small-scale projects for them.

In response to the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, Mr. Minister of Labour and the ministry has sought to expand in steps address most of the cases and controls in accordance with the social protection law stressed, noting that the ministry would reveal the amounts disbursed to the beneficiaries and their numbers and follow up on the legitimacy of the beneficiaries of the protection network and delete squatters on the rights of others, announcing the allocation of $ trillion and 400 billion dinars for the farmers dues for 2015 have not been disbursed because of the lack of expenses, alluding to begin the process of field survey of Emczulin social welfare and the opening of offices in Erbil and Dohuk.

The Minister added that the law does not allow the arrest of beggars, pointing to the existence of cooperation with the Ministry of Interior to deal with cases of begging.

Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Sunday 11/22/2015

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives