Dry benign intervention of the Department of Special Investigation files Chalabi ..alenzahh waiting for their answers on "banking facilities"

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -20 November: Parliamentary Integrity Commission announced the director of the bank waiting for answers tpi Hamdiya granted to dry on a number of corporate banking facilities. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie, on Friday, that "the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary awaiting answers Director of Bank tpi Hamdiya dry on granted to a number of corporate banking facilities, including Mercury Trading Company Food and loans granted to one of the cement companies in Kirkuk and the funds transferred in favor of the North Bank which is owned by one of her relatives and facilities granted to a number of other companies. "

He Zobaie told reporters, that "the Commission demanded Dry provide a detailed report on the work of the bank and its branches in all parts of Iraq and the top ten granted bank loans and what financial guarantees and banking facilities and purchased by him real estate," pointing out that "there are loans disbursed outside the controls being checked on them as well to the presence of the instruments it was paid twice in two different banks. "
It comes to the Integrity Commission investigation after he offered to corrupt files prepared by the late Ahmad Chalabi, the judiciary, and accused the actor figures in the Iraqi state smuggling billions of Ata Rat through facilities provided by the influential central bank in a civil banks.

Parliamentary Finance Committee denied, Elsobooa past, owning the late MP Ahmad Chalabi, corrupted files, or personal condemns certain political party.
And the Supreme Judicial Council decided to form a judicial investigative body to examine the documents submitted by Chalabi and related money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency Alambtaah issues in the Iraqi Central Bank auction.
According to parliamentary sources, these files will reveal a lot of personalities involved in money laundering, particularly banks that ran away hundreds of billions of dollars out of Iraq, and that impacted heavily on the Iraqi economy.
Sources say that the judiciary can not make decisions concerning the documentation affecting the economic side, studied without a thorough study.
The Ahmad Chalabi had died of a heart attack on November 3 this in Baghdad at the age of 71 Aama.