Seventh series of documents Chalabi ... Central asks taxes for 42 people imported goods at half billion dollars through the Bank of Huda

Over the years, under the late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the House of Representatives Chairman of the Finance Committee in which the head of the Iraqi National Congress, a busy financial and administrative corruption issues of major, at the forefront of the issue of smuggling billions of dollars out of the country through the fake financial companies mostly bankers freshman exhausted these billions of the state treasury and profiteers, which led to the emptiness of the treasury and the disruption of many economic and service projects.

And since the late Chalabi presidency of the Finance Committee in the current parliament put in mind uncover the details of this dangerous files, especially foreign currency smuggling file, and has already succeeded in cooperation with other members of the Committee and state officials in the collection of hundreds of documents which prepared the report submitted by the Committee and others, including the presidency of the parliament and prime minister. As Chalabi told the "long" at the time that he had been a valuable cooperation of the Ministry of Finance and its Minister Hoshyar Zebari in revealing the facts of this file and others.

The late Chalabi briefed Foundation "long" early on the facts of this file and deposited since the copy of the contents of the institution in the hope of starting to deploy relation to this file in the time prescribed by it, as he was waiting for the positions of others, and including the Supreme religious authority in Najaf, which was looking forward to getting their support to open this file and others from files that reveal serious mafia and corruption in the country which has ties and glue of senior officials in this state activities.
Now Dr. Chalabi has gone from this world, "the term" institution finds itself obliged to implement what was agreed upon with the late Chalabi, and we publish here new pages of this file relating to Bank of guidance given by the late Chalabi, in his memorandum to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee before less than a month his death as a model for "irregularities and crimes committed by a group of banks and their owners in the foreign currency auction."

Imports, which gave the central Khovatha has during the period of only 3 months
Transformed (Iris Corporation) 92.8 million to buy ovens and coolers and oil heaters

The Republic of Iraq
Central Bank of Iraq

Reporting funds / Audit and Investigation Department Laundering Office
Issue Number: Q / 194

Date: 10/27/2014
To / General Commission for Taxes / Department of companies
M / Information request

According to the principle of coordination, cooperation and exchange of information between this office and Haitkm esteemed, we would like to show that Huda Bank listed customers named in the annex hereto, has their participation in the sale and purchase of foreign currency window to buy the amounts recognized in the detection of different purposes for the period from 16/2 until 14/5 / 2014, Rajin has let us know whether or not to hold them accountable tax.
with respect
- Reveal the names of customers and the amounts purchased from the sale of foreign currency window
Naim Tohme Khudair
Director-General of the agency
Idi Walid Abdel Nabi
Director-General of the agency