Jubouri: Abadi, an opportunity that must be invested to build the state and therefore realize his need for partners

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - November 21: Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said on Saturday that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi "an opportunity that must be invested to build a state, but it realize his need for partners."

Jubouri said in a newspaper interview, followed up / Iraq Press /, that "al-Abadi for us is an opportunity that must be seized to the Iraqis clearly, especially that has the same in state-building and stability, and thus needs to strengthen the political parties clearly."

"We also realize that the Abadi, partners or supporters, they represent an opportunity to be their investment to achieve the state-building process."

He said al-Jubouri, "We used to say that the reforms must go solidarity, not a burden is plagued by an individual or a political party without the other," adding that "some may resort to talk about alignments may end to the possibility of putting the idea of ​​withdrawal of confidence."

"In our opinion, the circumstance that we are going through now, even though we got to the number or a sufficient number to withdraw confidence, we feel it is inappropriate, and still we have a lot of luck in order to achieve the building, stability and priorities it is important to pay attention for it."

The parliament had voted on the third of November this, Alyrvd delegate any of its legislative powers entrusted to him by the Constitution and the separation of powers in its implementation. Ended 1 (o)