Denial of a judicial decision to re-vice President of the Republic

11/21/2015 12:19

BAGHDAD / obelisk denied presidential spokesman, Khalid Shwani, a judicial decision of the Federal Court for the return of the Vice-President of the Republic to their posts.

Said Khalid Shwani, in a statement, "the Federal Court has not issued a decision to return to the Vice-President of the Republic office and getting paid retroactively and the reports in the media are baseless."

He added that "the Federal Court decided in its meeting held on 11.17.2015 to postpone consideration of the case on the 24th of this month, following a lawsuit filed by Najafi and the Presidency of the Republic was party to the proceedings for the purposes of inquiry or clarification."

He stressed that "the presidency is committed to the implementation of reforms packages judge to stop payment of salaries and allowances for the Vice-President since the first day of issuance and will not play, but other than that based on a judicial decision."