It's a war and not a "terrorist exercises" o "Holland"!
November 21, 2015 at 2:29 am

Abbas Al-Baghdadi under French President's remarks "doomer" carrying threats and threat against daash following recent terrorist attacks in Paris, said: "that France is at war against cowards"! And peer said his Prime "Manuel Valls" by saying: "we are at war"!

Received the majority of the followers told Holland nose as "reaction" of the head of State terrorism-hit killing at the heart of its capital, it also undermined confidence in the security measures employed by the French security services! And others permit sophisticated tone escalation "supposed" to deter terrorism, containing a letter from the twofold; first, that "serious" war has started against them, not only on what they get used to him of flights involving French fighter jets raided areas in Iraq, daash "intelligence tasks" that began with the French aircraft implemented since 8 September in Syria, and intelligence-sharing with the States of the international coalition, and Western; but expanding fronts and fighting styles over levels, including coordinated react with Russia Also, the cradle has a touch of Holland, President of Russian counterpart Putin after attacks Paris, inaugurated by moving the French aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" in the direction of the Mediterranean water near Syria, in addition to a frenzied intelligence activities to curb and hunt down and dismantle cells sleeping aldaashet in Europe, behind the two terrorist attacks that hit France this year (1st January).

The second prong is to the French, that their Government is aware of the acute exacerbating their fears, working to dispel those fears, after security forces failed to escape from such attacks, especially after the initiation of expanded security operation "appears" following attacks last January, famous for targeting the headquarters of the magazine "Charlie sound", although this process was continuing Friday evening in Paris on 13 November!

In reading conscious wanted in these times of "flaunt" terrorism aldaashi the bloody attacks took place in the heart of the European capitals, and threats that didn't stop days, must say that Holland nose that "France at war" against terrorism, most observers were shocked in delayed too long, he was in a coma for years dismissed from reality, and it was considered a serious terrorist threats against his country just "empty threats" do not call dealt seriously wanted, so ignored is the "best response"! Everyone knows that threats of organizing daash and its twins were always coupled with criminal activities, some unprecedented, outspoken critic of terrorism exported to the West, and to the globe if the terrorism agenda, then that France had suffered such attacks in January, and the message was clear war paid for innocent French, no income mainly in being, they were not given a mandate to the President and not his Holland to be party to the rampant terrorist role as early as 2011, when President Holland hostel Each weight in gas and ignite the Syrian crisis in coordination with the American partner, varying with the Western allies of others!

The Holland must assume full responsibility day in the dangerous files on the international scene, where conditions dangerous and insane borders of tampering with the international peace, expansion of terrorism with unprecedented speed, and exacerbate polarization between the Islamic world and other Western does not hurt at all in the interest of both parties, fueling sectarian and ethnic conflicts that result that the horror may housing civilians in Europe and the West, and nobody including secure arguing that thousands of kilometres from the strongholds of terror or "caliphate State" aldaashet! The serious implications of what they were to escalate or worsen without the tampering and interference in Syrian internal affairs of Holland, which triggered the catastrophic crisis there in early 2011, claiming contribution b "democracy in Syria", this policy met with senseless b "creative chaos" of wider its doors to these delimitation of Middle East terrorism, knife and informed argument discloses, "said Dominique de Villepin," former France Prime Minister attacks Paris last January, saying : "To organize daash is (lateral) volatility and arrogance of the Western policy"! And of course the French Government partner in this arrogance from the outset! We have seen all that this beast has come out of the early, put the thought Holland and Obama and from them, they are able to in their laps, they tame him do as Tamer of monsters in the jungle or in the circus, but they missed a lot of the Tamer were the ultimate meal for these monsters, monsters, however, terrorism will be deadlier, where grew their flesh with takfirist ideology worship what she belives to exterminate and eliminate the other even if other siblings or mothers or partners for citizenship, how to spot other "infidel"?! And what is more deadly to convert this terrorist Monster criminal doctrine to work program he calls "management of savagery", saturated with everything left behind a human crime minds since Cain and up to the minute, and worse that clouded by (falsely and wrongly) religious sanctity, Islam was the first victim, after further distorting and falsifying transcripts and adapted for their own ends!

No lholand to evade responsibility for the blood that I asked in Paris recently, and no blood flowing in Syria, depending on her blood flowing in Iraq since 2011, aldaashi terrorism and its growing role in Syria crossed to pathogenicity in Iraq until all got sponsored by French-us openly, under the banner of training, arming and supporting the "Syrian opposition moderate", which had been formed on Earth totals ancestral satisfaction with her flags, and foremost daash and victory and continued disregard of Before the French and Americans about this catastrophic development, both seen agenda objectives, specifically the role of the French rout on demand drop President Bashar Al-Assad, to Holland and Lebanon Syria cubes arrangement suited to entrench French interests, which saw Hezbollah and its ally the lion nightmare wasting those interests, in addition to French aspirations (within this orientation) by dropping the most important allies of Iran in the region, leading to the recent surround dictations in many files, the most important nuclear file! French intervention had become public in alshanin Lebanese and Syrian flag on nostalgia for the French stage in Lebanon and Syria after the first world war, and were the two who have sovereignty is currently located in the circle of "vital area" French! And I don't mind (according to this French direction also) burning Iraq and Syria and Lebanon, introducing the region into bloody conflicts don't keep internecine; and even insist on this policy after all this devastation and destruction and tens of thousands of Syrians who started a moaning from the "host" France, along with Europe, having asked the blood of 129 victims in Paris recently, and worse, that Holland is also adamantThe "drop" Bashar Al-Assad is "the solution" for all the dilemmas! Aldaashi terrorism was not a natural consequence of the French intervention in Syrian internal affairs since 4 years! And don't miss the opportunity to support Holland insisted that, as stated by saying: "the Syrian crisis is a major cause of terrorism which struck France"! But never dared to say that he personally was fuelling the crisis from the beginning, and is echoed in the "non-settlement of the Syrian crisis will lead to more terrorism," said days after deadly attacks in Paris in January of this year! But the solution goes in the direction of what purports to be invested by rigidly, no "drop" President Al-Assad, President of the sovereign State, as the Championship to ensure its survival in the "Elysee" for a coming! Holland was unable to convince anyone how defeated terrorism in this magic formula?!

Holland charged today (a priority) to persuade first the French themselves after their last steps, you will continue to bewitch and make someone believe them that the urgent task of full-time to "drop" the lion instead of fighting terrorism and its intellectual and material and expose supporters and make the French enjoy security deny terrorism forced them?!

Explains how Holland to the French loss of compass in these times, the request to extend a State of emergency and calls to amend the Constitution to act against "terrorism Harbi", and called for coordination with Russia and the rest of the Western allies to deter terrorism on land, which underestimate the early Russian intervention in Syria by saying: "no sense of Russian military intervention in Syria"! After the recent attacks also declared that "our enemy in Syria is daash", at the same time insisting on the requirement to "drop" the lion, while most Western policy orientations and international (even dogmatic ones) reached the conviction that's actually not defeat terrorism without the cooperation of the Syrian Government list, either on a political solution, discusses in this package not without it! In the opposite of that Howland delivered carries the show, was the tongue of the case says; "the cunning brother not hero" on procedures to follow for the "fight against terrorism", where the first conviction was on AIDS "drop" which did not leave him, even after his recent address to the French Parliament by "that France is committed to not only fit, but to destroy the Organization daash", or referring to "to go to war with old laws is not possible"! Certainly it first before others by changing the "old law", is not only a vision of reconciliation from the holeStitch, not taking into account that terrorism (not Bashar Assad) transfer the bayonet to the West, and the fighters planned in Belgium (not of tenderness or connector) to strike at Paris, and those of Europe and the West more who don't know the horrors of the consequences! The best of the French Defence Minister following recent attacks Paris, noting that terrorism "is not only designed to occupy land in Syria, but to intervene in Europe and especially in France"! This is due mainly to French intervention in Syria and the consequent expansion of terrorism and breaking all existing balances, and I do not know if surprised Defense Minister of truth, reminding them or not? But to mention the French Intelligence Chief last October, said: "the Middle East, which we ended up forever, and that countries like Iraq or Syria would never regain its previous borders"!, and this reading French pure, what strange to pass terrorism confines "of the Middle East that we know" and up to Paris or other candidate European capitals?

Indeed, to be supported by figures, recall what the French Prime Minister in March this year that "10,000 Europeans have engaged in (Jihad) at the end of the year"! He also revealed days after the recent attacks in Paris by saying: "there are more than 10,000 on the records. And more than half are listed as Islamic extremists or individuals might be linked to terrorist circles "! Do these facts and figures indicating the responsibility in this, or is it a natural product of Holland's policy in the Middle East security and internal affairs of the countries (including Syria)?!

Did Holland need to fall victim in Paris recently 129 7 bloody terrorist attacks in one day, even waking up from his delusions, and teaches that as a "solution" that preached by "dropping" Bashar Al-Assad has become vulnerable, and it contradicted her forced in recent days to his going to war "against one enemy daash" not to "drop" which became addicted to mantra since 2011, since the involvement of French intervention in Syria before implicating region and in the world?!

And do you consider before terrorist activities ldaash and its twins, the countries in the region or in the West and other parts of the world "terror drills" and not a "war" in full calibre open the possibilities for all the horrors, does not recognize no borders and no international conspiracy who stood behind the struggles since the beginning?!