Abbas al-Bayati: general amnesty does not achieve reconciliation and better postponed offline

Counting the National Alliance MP, Abbas al-Bayati, a draft of the amnesty law that he "does not achieve national reconciliation" in Iraq, in the current circumstances.

He said al-Bayati told all of Iraq [where] that "national reconciliation needs to reform package, and this law does not achieve reconciliation, because it is not in the interest of any person amnesty for terrorist and criminal".
He added that the "general amnesty law and spiky Sjala and the large problematic", ruling out approval and passed in the House of Representatives during this legislative term, and that he "will be postponed to the next chapter notes because it more than the pros."
And between al-Bayati said "The law in its current form opens the way for amnesty without studying the backgrounds previous law, which was released some, and returned again to the ranks of terrorism," calling that "postpone approval of the law until after the liberation of Anbar and Mosul to be part of a deal College project of national reconciliation."
He pointed out that "the General Amnesty Law Asttinaath many loopholes in it," he said. "All observers and legal experts and members of the House of Representatives found through their feedback that this law in its current form can not be passed in the House of Representatives."
The House of Representatives, has initiated during its meeting last Saturday to discuss the draft general amnesty law after he began his second reading.
And it spins a major dispute between the parliamentary blocs on the re-trial or investigation for covered by the law that decided the presidency of the House of Representatives forwarded to the heads of blocs to resolve differences around him.
Union forces promised to approval of the law "as a gate that will open wide the way for national reconciliation road map in Iraq."