Talabani block: Baghdad and Erbil crisis myself each and must balance the provincial delegation to the negotiations
the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil psychological Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by former President Jalal Talabani that "the bloc said some aspects."
The head of the block, but Talabani told all of Iraq [where] that "the parties are aware that this crisis must not continue, and there was keen to resolve it in accordance with legal mechanisms, but some aspects of psychic who starts solution first step for him, and this may be called to give up but can bypass this stage through to sit at the table of dialogue and diagnose and fix the problem and not evade them.
"She added, " Maybe the dispute does not exceed one or two and certainly there will be an agreement because the doors did not close, but there are no meetings and this is the problem and we need to continue the dialogue.
"She stressed Talabani on the need" the advent of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad and must be balanced and represent all components and pregnant unified Kurdish vision and not a party without the other.
"She also stressed on the resolution of the oil agreement, pointing out" our face for most of the time calls for the provincial government to come to Baghdad when discussing the financial budget even understand where orientation because Non-oil delivered mean the absence of the province's budget and this is indicated by the ministers of oil and finance in the parliamentary session last Tuesday and said quite frankly that the region benefits fully linked to its commitment in the export of oil through the Sumo.
"and called on Talabani's delegation region that" come to Baghdad and speak frankly to solve problems and not through media statements.
"The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi said during hosted in Parliament last Tuesday to discuss the 2016 budget that" the central government halted the region's share after the last stop of his commitment to hand over its share of oil production for several months, "declaring" The government has an obligation to pay dues the province in the event of his extradition 550 000 barrels per day installed in the budget of 2016 ".
The Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government said, drastically last Wednesday," we simply can not afford a return to the old arrangements with Baghdad and the widening financial gap again, after differences over evolved the budget during the past two years, because Baghdad refused to share respects the province of the budget in 2014 and 2015 ".
The Baghdad and Erbil have signed Erbil and Baghdad in December 2014, an agreement to whereby the Kurdistan Regional Government to export 550 thousand barrels per day for the benefit of the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO ], that the province gets its share of the budget amounting to 17%, which amounts to $ 2 billion Hehria.anthy http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/n...&storyid=21759