Deputy for the National: the internationally-backed organization working to facilitate the entry of terrorists into Iraq [audio]
[Baghdad - where]
Deputy for the National Alliance said there internationally backed organization working to facilitate the entry of terrorist gangs Daash to Iraq and Syria.
And between Abboud al-Issawi told all of Iraq [where] that "these terrorist nationalities that came from Africa, Europe and Asia, supported by weapons and training to countries, arrived in Iraq and Syria by international bodies", adding that "the intelligence services are aware of Baldaaman to Daash, including major countries ".
He added that" Russian President Vladimir Putin's recognition of [the greatness of his tongue] that the views of 40 countries supporting terrorism, shows that there are countries that support terrorism and trains and funds and facilitate the entry process, "noting that" the accused is Qatar Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, countries, and even the major countries . "
he was Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a news conference that Russia showed through the top twenty examples of terrorist financing in Syria by people from 40 countries, including the countries of the group Alashran.anthy