A member of the parliamentary integrity: we possess about Commercial Bank and private banks
[Baghdad - where]
the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Adel Nouri, said the committee complaints and Commercial Bank of files on civil and banks.
He said Nuri told all of Iraq [where], "We discussed with the Director of the Commercial Bank of Hamdiya dry, many irregularities with respect to matters of scholarship, and when he was Hussein al-Asadi, a manager, and there are problems in remittances as well as the lack of transparency in other things."
"There are complaints files under our hands, including that of the commercial bank and community banks, and fraud in the old files and the other we have obtained, "noting," We formed a committee since to follow the Central Bank of Iraq and we hosted the manager again and again and we dealt with the irregularities were observed.
"And" we needed to dry hosting and more than once we have Baharha to attend has responded to us very well, "pointing out that" we as a committee integrity are dealing with transparency and professionalism do not target one not sympathize with one, but our professional, we hear the answers to the questions and compare the corruption that exists in charge of the interrogation, we have narrowed down through our committees and our follow-up field and the media , there are now hundreds of files and come from within the ministries.
"He explained Nuri" Now we are in the process of cutting out the inspectors, which comes from the income of the Secretariat files, and within the central bank files directly come to the phone, as is contact me and go to the receipt of files from staff and general managers.
"He continued," I pay tribute to the brave in the Iraqi state institutions who bring us the files of an Instant corruption, do not disclose their names, they put the files without hands Amina, "stressing that" Now the Commission in the process of attack and intrusion.
"The Committee on Parliamentary Integrity discussed last Tuesday, with the Director of Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya Dry number of files pertaining to the work of the bank, the most prominent branches Almsrv.anthy capital funds