State law: Abadi has a new package of reforms include changing ministers

MP for the coalition of state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Thursday, about the intention of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declaration of a new reform package includes the change of some ministers, noting that al-Abadi is trying to convince the National Alliance of these reforms to provide a parliamentary cover her. Jafar said in his transfer reporter permit (news agency, media / INA), said that "al-Abadi will announce new reforms were among his former package, including changing some of the ministers," pointing out that "al-Abadi speaks with the National Alliance to convince them of the new Baslahath to provide a parliamentary cover it ensures that passed in the House of Representatives. "
He said the National Alliance MP, that "section of this reform is one of his past, and some of them new, but in all cases there are new reforms will be announced", noting that "the reforms also include the salary file, and the expenses of the war, and the involvement of the popular crowd in these expenses ".
He pointed out that "the reforms will include the reconstruction of areas that have been freed from the terrorist organization Daash mechanism, and the supervision of the International Reconstruction Fund in reconstruction, in addition to the structure of the state in regard to the Ministers, agents and general managers."
It reminds, that "al-Abadi met with the leadership of the National Coalition Authority, last Tuesday, to discuss some of the files."
The Abadi has announced three reform packages in earlier times, most notably the cancellation of the posts of Vice President of the Republic, and Chriv and merging some ministries, and the re-opening of the Green Zone, in conjunction with the invitation of the Supreme religious authority, and out of thousands of citizens to demonstrate in several provinces, calling for the elimination of corruption and the corrupt.
And it sparked the reforms carried out by al-Abadi series, since last August, sharp criticism from the parties of the National Alliance as well as the other parties, and provoked some resentment, too, prompting the House to undo the mandate in the vote conducted earlier this month.