Parliament illiteracy behind the blink of dollar salaries !!

Raised the suggestion of the Finance Committee in Parliament, forcing the Iraqi dinar at sunset, and bring the dawn of the dollar, a wave of high-criticism wave by specialists in economic affairs, on Tuesday, was one of the appropriate share of the affairs of the economy - Maytham and coffee, and warned of "dollarization" and its repercussions on the pockets and the country's economy.
specialist in regard Alaguetsada- lion Mohammed Ali, covered us also, more of what we have described yesterday as the acronym "Marie Antoinette parliamentary edition", came within the scope of an interview on the cover: "Some of the claims distribution of salaries in dollars is realistic, nor can be implemented, and contrary to the general economic policies of all countries ", point us, that these parliamentary advocate, suffering from illiteracy to know Matvolh countries for the benefit of their currencies:" All the countries of the world, trying to combat the phenomenon of dollarization by strengthening the value and prestige of the national currency has, over the adopted almost entirely in the internal and external dealings, "stated Ali as seems to be that the parliamentary call may condoned by:" The budget for Iraq denominated in Iraqi dinars, therefore, all the vocabulary, including the state, which has become a big part of this budget employees' salaries, "the student Ali pampering the local currency, rather than the application of "Marie Antoinette edition parliamentary": "There is a need to adopt policies to support the local currency, which is the spine of Economy column, they determine the living standards across the purchasing power and the levels of inflation, which in turn, will be affected significantly, if what has been the adoption of such a notion, "and that was Marie Antoinette parliamentary, will succeed in surviving the guillotine criticism or not, commented:" ruled out accepting any way, especially by economists ", and remind the reader and new, that:" the parliamentary finance committee He proposed distribution ratio (50%) of the salaries of state employees in hard currency, to prevent the monopoly of the US dollar to certain destinations, and in order to support the Iraqi dinar exchange rate. "