Region Parliament disrupted meetings two weeks ago to the inability of the President to enter Arbil

Parliament confirmed the region by Farhad Snkkawi, Thursday, parliamentary sessions crashes since more than two weeks against the backdrop of President of the Council to prevent the entry of Arbil.
He's Snkkawi / scales News / "The Kurdistan Regional Parliament sessions pending more than two weeks ago and what is happening to some of the meetings of the parliamentary committees words".
Snkkawi He added that "the cause of crashes sessions due to the inability of the President of the Council of entry Arbil over the decision prevented by the fact that the Democratic Union of Kurdistan regional president of the block change."
It is said that "a member of the MDC that fall under the Kurdistan Alliance Tavkh Ahmed revealed's / scales News /, earlier, that the Government of Arbil prevent the entry of the President of the House of Representatives to the province, while confirming that the situation Sttozm between the parties 5 in the event of the continuation of the situation as it is ".