Sadr respond to "threats and intimidation" against the Kurds: the whims of the passions ridden bodies not only

Twilight News / criticized the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday threats launched by Iraqi views against the Kurds before they take a different turn to sit down and dialoguing with respect to repercussions that followed armed clashes between the crowd Turkmen forces and Kurdish in Tuz. Sadr said, commenting on those forces that "such entities Leahy with a narrow view of the whims and personal ridden their passions not only". The chest answer to a question from his supporters published his text "about the rapid change in the positions of some parties and personalities and undone against what they called meddling Kurdish regarding the incident Tuz and its transformation from threats and intimidation to sit down with them and denied the threats and seek to build a broader relationship." He said al-Sadr in this regard, "found sectarian self benefit them and followed him, but what is the fastest retreating from this national If only know." Sadr has called on all forces to resolve the crisis in Tuz dialogue and warned of repercussions on the future of Iraq. Sadr did not refer to any party by name. Iraqi forces were active and some Mnazavi under the banner of the popular crowd had waved in the event of war, Kurdish forces denied entry to the crowd of Tuz. There are Tozachomatu Local Mnazavi faction in the popular crowd and called the crowd Turkmen name and most of his fighters from local volunteers but its association with the popular crowd directly.