Parliamentary security emphasizes the prevention of the use of State force in tribal conflict in Basra
2015-11-20 21:59:38 |

(Voice of Iraq) Basrah invited the parliamentary security and Defense Committee, said Friday the need to prohibit the use of State force in tribal conflict in Basra, and stressed the need to implement arrest warrants with the right gang drug trafficking and hijackers, Basra's operations command confirmed that they arrested a drug kingpin in the province.

The head of Parliament's defense and Security Committee Governor of Iraq during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Basra operational command, and his free (range), that "there are some tribal problems, how widely the Government", adding that "no clan threatened the security of the province and will hold all of the army or police force or the popular crowd in the clan conflict and prosecuted".

Aydin said that "recently we learned of the existence of gangs selling drugs as well as criminal gangs are kidnapping and extortion of citizens", "security forces intensify its security through strength and checkpoints to pursue the gangs are kidnapping citizens and extortion and drug dealers in Basra".

For his part, the Commander of Basra operations Maj. Gen. Samir Abdul Karim during the Conference "regions North of Basra held at the headquarters of the Brigade and two regiments of commandos, to Basra operational command, to reduce existing clan conflicts in those regions", arguing that "conflicts don't strain as much as security agencies stretched walmwatinn society of innocents".

And on the reduction of the phenomenon of drug detection Abdulkareem on "implementation of the truly commands 18 significant drug dealer, as well as arrest totals deal drugs and smuggled out to other provinces" as well as "duties of the security services to pursue the kidnappers and freeing the abductees to the borders of juvenile justice Aziz within Maysan governorate which is not from the Basra operations duties".

And areas north of Basra tribal conflicts from time to time use the warring clans arms heavy, medium and light where another dispute between the Abgal and the swearer walkramshah in Northern Basra because of clashes killing some members of both parties to the conflict.