Khatib Kufa warns of "human revolution" in Iraq and calls on to make forty-visit "rally" for everyone wronged
2015-11-20 21:26:21 |

(Voice of Iraq)-Najaf, Imam and preacher warned Friday prayers at Kufa, Al-talqani, said Friday that "human revolution" in Iraq and the Middle East for lack of human respect, among the masses have many backgammon volatility, making forty-visit for everyone wronged.

Al-talqani said during a Friday prayers sermon at Kufa mosque, attended by (range), the "imminent humanitarian revolution in Iraq and the Middle East warn that didn't stop freaks stems the tone of moderation and a sense of responsibility towards people or towards the Muslim East human".

Al-talqani said that "humanitarian revolution sign many backgammon when taking public its decision that there is no respect for human beings to live in peace and freedom and a dignified life", stating that "the tragedies of our society and our beloved must spur us to a new way of thinking and a new action to save what can be saved from our dignity and pride and presence that have become anxious and offerings of tyrants and thieves and traitors".

Called Khatib Juma Kufa to "make the March visit of forty for everyone wronged in the world", saying "the thorn in the eyes of forty colonists in General and Israel in particular because they do not want Islam and the doctrine to be spokesman for humanity and that the forum for the whole world".