Fakhri Karim: radical reform is achieved when the task becomes all Iraqis
2015-11-20 21:15:17 |

(Voice of Iraq) said President of the Foundation for media, culture and arts, Fakhri Karim, said Friday that it would be wrong to deal with the reform process as a consecutive packets of decisions and measures, he stressed that radical reform is achieved only when it becomes the task of all Iraqis, and stressed that the comprehensive reconciliation and correct completion of State trails organically intertwined and systemic, counting the "victories" of the Iraqi forces and the crowd and the Peshmerga "to enhance confidence" cards of the Iraqi people.

He said in his speech at the Conference, the fourth Electoral Council for peace and solidarity under the slogan "to defeat terrorism and fostering mobility and promote peace community" held in the cultural center in downtown Baghdad, oil "negative scene generally which are closely linked to the political, social and economic, to open before the Iraqi Council for peace and solidarity, and to all civil society organizations and strong mobility, activity and opportunities for joint work with the parties and national forces and democratic diversity of kinds and currents and intellectual and political underpinnings.

Following is the full text of the statement by the President of the institution of honorary term in the fourth election Conference of the Council for peace and solidarity.

May be just a coincidence that this Conference share the defining moment in Iraq's transition, is open to the best options mmed, each draining time and wealth dispel some of the expectations been thwarted by successive and hopeless situations everywhere ungrateful leadership, blocks and parties, even CAD hope himself seems to be curbed disavows desired and sneaking in everything around him corruption and fraud and overrun values the Dowdy to deferred not long perspective of a breakthrough.

This convergence is not expected to shift his features, functions and responsibilities of this Conference, and the resulting from decisions and recommendations of the national action programme, cannot be formulated as required by the depth of vision and clarity in work tools, and proactively promote positive energy and activated without starting from the experience of the Council since its founding, the legacy of the Iraqi peace movement and democratic forces which fostered the movement and she awakened her campaigning conditions difficult and complicated historical and potential volunteer based and free choices and what you require from Sacrifices and dare.

The decline of the situation in the country to low levels not dramatic in various political, economic and social fields, sort the values, customs and practices of the Dowdy, very strained backs broader grass-roots and the poorest and destitution, and disastrous consequences on Iraqis and thwarted hopes wechofhm for life: security, stability and a decent life, and tightening the vagina, doors and blocked ports please about the fates of generations is best.

It can be said that this negative scene generally which are closely linked to the political, social and economic, to open before the Iraqi Council for peace and solidarity, and to all civil society organizations and strong mobility, activity and opportunities for joint work with the parties and national forces and democratic diversity of kinds and currents and intellectual and political underpinnings. Suffocating crisis afflicting the country has become more important than the ability of all forces and parties and political blocs collectively, how was the band crossover, buffeted by passions and ambitions and authoritarian ambitions and affected by suspicions of corruption and responsibility for the country's solution is not isolated from its insistence on quota confessional devoted despite the allegations and denials have not been borne out by practice and tangible facts and the growing trend towards adapting the fragile state interests.

The crisis of this level of complexity and complexity necessarily require concerted national effort and mobilization of vital forces in Iraqi society and packaged without exception or marginalization to salvage what can be salvaged and try to return the country to the road of recovery and building and democratization.

What is important in this context, opportunities and possibilities provided by the objective circumstance consisting of Baghdad provincial Council to work for national to face the challenges of terrorism aldaashi and instances and address corruption and its symbols and his whales starved for more vulgar robbery and involvement in sustained activity contributes to rebuild fractured State and enable them to exercise control over their facilities and institutions and organs which decayed her mite corruption and overcome extreme militias and organized crime gangs that infest their unrestrained citizen security, assassination, kidnapping and horrific depending on possibilities and equipment and instruments failing state.

The tasks of this national level would remove any type of allergy "political" nature of party activity Iraqi Council for peace and solidarity on through its approach and orientation to create a national environment that creative restore account of free citizenship and democratic civil State based on the rule of the Constitution and the law, equality and respect for impregnated public and private freedoms, particularly freedom of religion, expression, Assembly and peaceful protest and organize parties and civil society organizations, trade unions, professional and agricultural associations and to promote a culture of tolerance and social solidarity and social justice.

The ensuing years have seen the third Conference for the Council, deteriorating at all levels. And reflected on the lives of citizens living and health and educational services, violation of the security and stability of families, resulting in a horrific escalation in the Midyat extremism in all its forms and methods, the direct outcome of Environment Division and fragmentation and religious and sectarian intimidation and sectarian.

Without any exaggeration or blinking or bias from the angle of view, those lean years have seen the rise of the tendency towards individualism in administering the country, and individual control of the joints of the State, and some filter substrates altfogh timid towards reconciliation "instant", and stop the process of completing the reconstruction of the State "vulnerable" which was "quasi-State" no viable structural implications, not by an undemocratic measures were organized repression and intimidation and malicious targets cliche, distortion of alsiasbh process already distorting nature of communal almhassi.

And Iraq's characterization of this low approaches and policies and their consequences, and occupied them in the top most corrupt States recognized and backward, he said Iraq has disappeared in the fields of education, culture and human rights services or occupied the location shy him down the ladder of growth and development and the introduction of international standards adopted internationally, and his name is associated mostly with manifestations of decline and decadence, slipping towards disintegration and collapse. They are manifestations of differentiated time late antiquity are destroyed or remains of the political, economic and social life, where people have changed and destinies, and with them acquired traits and things around them qualities before them. Although the change was the election of Dr. Haidar Al-Abbadi, the head of the Executive power but the effects of that era and a spade still coexist with us, and the influence of its ghost-which is constantly lurking and lurk every step where the targeted influence and privileges and extended presence until now.

And the longer Iraq known worldwide only as state looting, corruption and the lack of viable homeland over its citizens, even though just a tent to protect them from the consequences of waltihan displacement in anonymous content basic requirements and guarantee the sustainability of life causes a human being not forced to abandon their homeland despite the sufferings which continue, whims and sense of human dignity and the rest of the hope of rebirth.

Records of the guardians that stage obscurantism "synthesizers" mafia hybrid is the result of cross-fertilization between present falsely wrap oneself in religion and caste, and the legacy of past authoritarian was the fascist Baath regime which could shed decades of innovative systems which reproduce accumulation along human history and of Fascist regimes, arsenal of means and tools of repression, oppression and physical liquidations and further violating the human spirit, and the demilitarization of society and its value to humanity. Governors of had inherited the stage known as the surname NYSE those tools and system concepts, inspired in the country values of hatred and rejection of his habits, practiced by all means of filtering targets, exclusion and marginalization, and unleash the flocks of hatred, religious extremism and sectarian of uncontrolled militias to wreak havoc on Earth, to hijack the public and private property, and reflect on the killing and accusations of innocent people for the purpose of extortion supported the potential of State security and intelligence organs, unchecked and no mercy to their victims.

And the leaders of those infamous stage proud returned account for most values, habits and customs of tribal clan and backward in sabotaging the consciences of people and delicious abuse and spread despair in them.

I ended the era of grief and the loss of those, daash as to "expand the State one third of Iraq, leaving her an arsenal of modern weapons, equipment and gear that were in the possession of the Iraqi army, in addition to nearly $ 1 billion in cash and marketable wealth bleed!.

But most heavily on present and future of the country, Iraqis are looting the State Treasury as mastor "part" of the previous Government which earned the well-deserved nickname of "mother crisis"-Pack full of intractable problems that created them, and almost empty Treasury, Jours politically and militarily, and challenges at every level and in every field. All these are reasons hampering the process of radical reform demanded by society and stresses the need to launch and dedication as a condition indispensable for the transition to allow laying the foundations that will out of suffocating crisis and stresses the noose, and prevent any overflow of what it situation threatens to put them on the brink of slipping into the abyss of despair.

That change, which overthrew the former Government which ran Iraq for two constituencies to force them, promising political u-turn as dakhth hopes of transformation and change and reform the new Government inherited from cracks in the structure of society and split in relations between its components and tensions between political forces almost lead into sectarian war, or are paid to the fractured edge. The individual approach of the be saturated with desire and lust provision, igniting clashes and tensions PTEN and threatened to collapse the political process almhassih the same sectarian that formed the backbone of the so-called new Iraq, a gate that had infiltrated them political leaders sectarianism to rule the country, and arranged to spotlight the political system for deformation of the State and society and the complexity of paths of development and democratization held her hopes after the overthrow of the Baath regime.

And not change the task, despite the strong synergy salika window on State, society and the political process, the positions of Arab, regional and international and the conviction of the inevitability of change, not from the Iraqi national interests, but to ensure its interests and its security, which is threatened by the risk of disintegration and collapse, the State cracked after geopolitical expansion ldaash of the latest weapons and money and herds of terrorists coming across the open border. Neighboring Iran had and its influence on the prominent role of National Alliance advocating change, but decisive influence, was the intervention of the Supreme religious authority in Najaf, Sistani icon. The reference has become thanks to biased since the engine compressor to quality reforms "have not yet been achieved" and supportive of Community mobility called for reform, social justice and fundamental freedoms and the services and terminate sectarian quotas. As reference of narrow-minded turned to supporting publicly advocate a shift towards civil State as a national option, substitute the red-handed style with debt now, and tackling corruption and decomposing all appearances that are associated with the governing body and state the imitate.

The change had been made after penetrating the defenses of the fortress wanted to reproduce almost totalitarian system, individually, creating a loyal stiff linings depends upon submission of elements of her accomplice red-handed with the Baath regime, by putting in a circle of constant threat of uncover her past and detect files than to absolute bias as a result of the fear and anxiety on their websites. In this framework have been luring and grooming leaders of top security and military elements, joined the network surrounding the ruling group bushings from within the security services and the military, which has been without a national ideology.

Meta-change, while maintaining the system of political confessionalism almhasset composition, and conceptual system based on monopoly power and the sharing of benefits, and exclusion of the offender, to make the process of reform "possibility" stumble extremely difficult.

And in the historical experience of revolutions and political and social reform movements, the models showed that factors leading to abort any process of change and emptied of its content lies in the weakness of the will and the frequency and the lack of a clear vision and specific features, which make up the total indivisibility and a comprehensive understanding of the general public before his own, in particular stakeholders to reform and becomes an inevitable failure, coupled with indecision and lack of clear and comprehensive programme concept of disappointment and loss of confidence and sagging hope.

And could derail the reform process, extremism and lack of vision about priorities and logos and demands, and override the envelope and extent of maturity away from trends alaradoet isolated from reality.

I awakened success in ousting former Prime Minister and bringing Mr. Abbadi to top executive, hopes now to the media and social and political segments most affected, betting without reservation on the radical changes and deep structural reform has undermined the sectarian rule almhassih to the political process. And it wasn't like that bet actually, not based on a reading of the pillars of the political system, and not to the conceptual system, nor for drivers or interlocking interests. And have lacked optimism and bet to know the precise balance of power in society and the political process.

It was striking that does not consider the strong support of the radical reform to deal with the contradiction which is accompanied by a change of Government, with a variant of the "coat" the party and the ruling parliamentary bloc, which assumes an extraordinary breach paths adopted in the drafting of resolutions and orientations and general approach within the framework of harmony within the dominant bloc in the structure of the political process itself. Such breach requires first and foremost adopt graduated measures for screening within the designated party party lineup reinforces a strong reform and change locations. As well as performing such screening in her block decision in force, each party and party, that extends to all parties and blocs participating in the political process and beyond.

The claim by Mr. Abbadi of the party and the mass rebellion, involving the simplification of shallow concept of conflict management, and mindlessly for the balance of power and possible alternatives and identify achievable goals that will create a better environment to mobilize the forces and go to the radical reform steps. Such a claim seems as though the protagonists do not realize the political kitchen represents "political legitimacy", regardless of viewpoint, or rejecting, the Parliament "legislative power" Government "executive authority" and the Supreme Judicial Council, the Federal Court and the organs that constitute the "judiciary". And the three powers based on sectarian quotas, in every incarnation of the cons. And the dominant parliamentary bloc "until the next legislative elections are State law found the number of Shiite parties that did take mostly as political position alongside Abadi and his reforms. As with parties and parties in the National Alliance, which is not at the level of one to change and reform, while each demands do not generally come out of sectarian quotas, power-sharing and improving sites and rewards, which determines the degree of bias of each party to the Coalition to support reform from responding to partisan and factional demands!.

But this claim is not aware of its implications hurtling even further and is flying the slogan "dissolve Parliament" and "Government" and calling early elections. Strange that this logo is not the plaintiffs turn to invite this resonated a positive and enthusiastic support from supporters of the former Government and anti-apartheid forces of change and reform. And while flying a strong popular movement "impromptu" and without careful scrutiny and to study the possibilities and consequences, these demands fall roof trapped with concern that it has sufficient capacity to change the balance of power, with the be driven behind the deeper they felt as though "the popular mood" Pat to refrain from ruling parties and blocs, and willingness to deprive them of their votes in the elections if they were held now. "And away you go on wishes and they tend to believe that the popular masses are willing not just to improve the civil powers and representative sites resolve bias to the representatives of the civil movement and democratic and national symbols, and will go to the polls and are hailing high" in the name of religion باگونه Theives "!.

And you cannot isolate this illusion about civil movement activists, perhaps specific coordinators, a suspicion that people who took to the streets and fields to demonstrate their indignation and anger advertisers and their patience runs out, thus the living conditions and security and their own future, have responded to the appeals of webostat social networking websites, and not by the maturation of an objective and a subjective willingness circumstance had sparked anger in them and in the case of challenge to what magnitude of substandard conditions and degeneration. Gold has some of these activists experience impaired to some extent tactical warning to parties and democratic personages and organizations participate in mobility, "at risk" of being addressed as "sneaking-zimra seeking character movement and distort its aims and slogans", forgetting that the wider public participation, regardless of party affiliation, ideological or national and other tendencies and trends, creating immunity to movement and his support and sustainability and the promotion of representative and political credibility.

Comprehensive national reconciliation remain between urgent tasks, and to adopt the essence of the crisis handling plaguing the country since the overthrow of the dictatorship in 2003. Depends on the solution of this task the special national away from previous solutions by nature isolated from reality-Epitaxial drying environment social incubator for terrorism and extremism, and cracking down on the movement of terrorists and their freedom and social cover, denial of safe havens for their cells, leapfrog to terrorist operations and suicide bombings. We must adopt the concept of reconciliation, achieve a climate of absolute trust between components on citizenship and partnership base and filter all manifestations of discrimination and subordination and superiority of communal and sectarian or national, and take the necessary laws or Government actions and measures to remove the causes of mistrust and suspicion and sense of targeting and surveillance.

Because of the above formulas for reconciliation adopted failed despite the money illicitly siphoned from, and nature all overprint isolated, any serious went to accomplish reconciliation should go beyond those formulas, but restores tkimmha as one of the reasons that hindered national reconciliation were the country to further loss of life and property, and to perpetuate strife and enable daash occupation of one third of the country and the provisions on the authority of their inhabitants, and Iraq for years, particularly since the fall of Nineveh, Salahuddin, Anbar, military confrontations Bloody and costly in lives and money, causing operations to rebuild State institutions and projects of development and reconstruction.

But achieving a complex task and prickly like a comprehensive national reconciliation, remain in a permanent state of deadlock if the prisoner of sectarian quotas, and associated political system in the governance of the State and Government.

And increase the difficulty in dealing with this national merit, if unable to initiate the correct paths to complete building the State and reconsider its structures shattered that eroded by its reliance on authoritarian regime for waste and conceptual pillars of the system.

To achieve comprehensive reconciliation and correct completion of State trails organically intertwined and systemic, and one cannot be achieved without a tie-in with completion, this objective requires a radical transition from communal almhassi system to establish democratic civil State, free and equal citizenship displaces all political and legal concepts that distinguish between individuals and groups notching national will.

Work in this direction requires the formulation of a comprehensive national programme not only performed on government structures, but should receive the acceptance and participation of society in all factions and forces. The national application of this ambitious programme that reflects the essence of reform and popular base, ultimately lining up and sort out the political mobilization of the active forces in society and the political process, leading to a broad mobilization support comprehensive reform and radical form incubator. Having this sort of aversion which increase manifestations among classes and social strata increasingly sectarian discrimination and all manifestations against the freedoms and human rights and social justice.

The Iraqi Council for peace and solidarity in the new elected leadership conference and his actives, on contributing to the movement which constitutes as change and reform through an intellectual-political events to develop a draft national programme for community reconciliation.

This requires, to be feasible, move between slides and popular community for pulse and to identify concerns and the ways that they deem likely to remove her fears, and raise the level of readiness to participate in the national effort to dismantle the crisis and restore national cohesion, reconciliation and building confidence and security in the common population.

To improve activity of the Council and enhancing its role and expand its influence in public affairs, without exception, requires in the first instance, from Office work to move between people, and the community is eager for a secure and stable life with dignity, which is the majority of our people are tormented by terrorism and lack the most basic necessities of living.

To convert this potential into role an effective mobility, singling out the leadership must occupy a vibrant youth and willingness to sacrifice their influential positions. Experience has confirmed the popular movement in Baghdad and other provinces on the existence of such impressive young energetic national spirit and foot.

And the continued momentum of demonstrations sweeping the other provinces is shown on the invalidity allegations which denies the possibility of a willingness to engage in political activity and community volunteering. And mix in terms of not aware of the need to update the obsolete working methods that have lost their validity and are no longer applicable and the influence and the tradition of action remain replenished with the need to struggle for the Betterment of the people and continue to keep pace with the progress of civilization, peoples and States.

If the Council needs to renew its working methods and expanding its influence in conditions imposed he was effective, this does not diminish the role and its activity and its impact on people's mobility, and persistent activity to spread the values and ideas of tolerance and civil peace and national reconciliation, hatred and discrimination in all its forms and manifestations. The Board was not immune to the activities of the joint work between commended civil society organizations, as well as possible participants in political life are relevant.

Despite limited financial means, the Council did not fail to participate conferences and events and organizations, councils of peace and solidarity in the Arabic countries and in several foreign countries and have achieved their personal financial coverage of participants.

During the past months could Board, astthaei effort, relying on donations for his leadership and its members to cover the expenditures, and this achievement can point to ready for development in renewal activity, events override the bad stereotypes.

The Board will continue to actively and identity and a dysfunctional orientation, if turned to women's issues and biased, and this requires them to have leadership positions, and take their issues to the fore in the Council and programme directions.

The Council paid particular attention to symposia, intellectual and cultural tables since its founding, this trend confirms the awareness of the important role that can be played by the educated and the culture. In the new circumstances require more attention to this aspect of the activity, deepen and diversify its activities and attraction among intellectual and artistic and cultural frameworks that seek to adopt in the new session.

The functions of the Council covers an area of Iraq, and not the exception in that a party. The Iraq confrontation with terrorism square butt and atonement, State semi off after riddled with failures, and riddled with sectarian conflicts.

The Council should address corruption and the corrupt, non-conventional methods, through the formation of a "representative offices of public prosecution PDF" to benefit from the programme and detailed structural internationalist in an earlier Conference on more than one occasion. This step will make the Council and widely popular reference activists influence, these representations not only functions to detect corrupt and highlight methods of looting public funds, but pay attention to his wronged citizens pursuing their complaints and their excesses and abuses.

It would be wrong to deal with the reform process as just packets of Government decisions and measures, radical reform is achieved only when it becomes the task of all Iraqis and not determined by their support, but to participate and good control and management.

Among the areas repair nemesis, judiciary requiring surgery in all of its aspects. And judicial reform cannot be achieved by administrative decisions or formal measures keep structured and laws made by judges who work them inefficient capacity and saturation in the spirit of the law and the Constitution died and materials, this fix requires a multifaceted program, and over time it takes a decade or more.

This fix applies to correct structural Rentier State bureaucratic apparatus and oversized, suffering from underemployment. It also applies to other areas of the State and society, which calls for a pause is responsible from the Board and from the popular movement activists and tnsikiath.

As an advocate of peace, solidarity and fraternity and social justice, national action theatres open, does not determine its movement sensitivities and suspicions and steeplechase, which constitute the framework for every Iraqi and Iraqis sought peace, stability, equality and freedom for all.

In these difficult days of violent military and security challenges, and the crisis in oil revenues because of declining prices burdened citizens. Highlight to the forefront of the national scene, the victories achieved by military and security forces and the crowd and the peshmerga daash remnants and criminal in their herds Diyala and Salah ad Din and Ninawa and Kirkuk and Sinjar. They enhance confidence our cards victories to defeat final terrorists takfirists all forces hostile to our recovery and establishing peace in Somalia and the ambition to build a strong democratic civil State.