Anbar Council will receive the 2016 budget it does not clog the magnitude of destruction in the province
2015-11-20 21:04:30 |

(Voice of Iraq) Al-Anbar provincial Council, announced on Friday, the local Government shall not receive maintenance budget of 160 billion dinars, indicating that the devastation in the province because of terrorist operations and needs of the displaced.

The Council's President said in an interview to krhot morning (range), that "the Anbar budget allocated by the Central Government for 2016 reached 160 billion dinars", stating that "the Government of Anbar refused to receive them and not approved by the provincial Council that they do not clog and the size you need from the reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed".

He added that "balancing the past year 2015 amounted to 163 billion dinars Anbar Government received only 20 billion dinars", stating that "the latter amount was allocated to support displaced families inside and outside the province", adding that "the budget allocations were unmet need of funds for reconstruction projects and provide services in the areas controlled by security forces".

Krhot stressed that the "Anbar, mostly in need of reconstruction and rehabilitation after the destruction of the infrastructure of terrorist operations to organize daash", noting "the need, for the financial allocations to support displaced families", stating that "the number of displaced people in the province, more than a million displaced people, humanitarian and health conditions are tough".

The "local Government of Anbar decided not to recognize the financial budget for 2016, being put through incorrect policies, by the Central Government", indicating that "balancing the need to examine and assess the actual need they need Anbar of SOA, security and the current stage".

Anbar province has seen fierce fighting and control organization (daash) most conservative cities such as Ramadi and Western regions and hundreds of deaths and injuries among the military, police and civilians during clashes more than a year and 10 months.