Karim: the speaker of Parliament is the architect of the recent crisis and some members of the Salah al-Din sold $ 100,000 position
2015-11-20 20:53:05 |

(Voice of Iraq) Saladin Salah al-Din, the head of the Council article Ahmed Karim, on Friday, some Council members who voted for impeachment have sold their positions in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, among the Council will appeal to the Administrative Court, as Salim Al-Juburi accused the President of Parliament to stand behind what happened, describing b "engineer the crisis".

Ahmed Karim said in an interview with the (range), that "some members have accepted compromises and sold their positions by 100 thousand dollars while others rejected this Act the Board will appeal to the administrative court early next week", adding "the continuation of negotiations and the search for solutions to the crisis but the weakness of the Government and the judiciary to this mess that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi rejected it".

He added, "we do not rule out employing Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jubouri of the differences for partisan gain is the architect of the crisis", stating that "the Organization (daash) will benefit from this confusion, and the security situation will, particularly targeting every official supported the security forces and the crowd after the liberation of 85 percent of the province".

The head of the provincial Council, criticized the article, "some government agencies that prefer the interests and satisfaction of parties to stabilize the political process", predicted "continued chaos in the country and constitutional and legal violations and will stay stronger and number".

The Governor of Salahuddin, sacked on Thursday (November 19, 2015), a leading conservative nnadi during a meeting in central Baghdad's Rashid Hotel in the presence of 19 members, with Liam was appointed Governor in his place.

And dozens of residents spend Samarra in Salah al-Din marched Thursday to protest the sacking of a leading conservative and President of the Council, Ibrahim Ahmed Karim, in describing the decisions by "false", they demand the Declaration of Samarra province to get rid of "conspiracies".

He was Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Iraqi, Wednesday (18 November 2015), Salah al-Din governorate Council members to be present in their wallets and with their children, with the refusal of the provincial Council meetings elsewhere.

It is worth noting that 16 members in Salaheddin Council voted at a meeting on Tuesday, (17 November 2015) in the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, "unanimously" to exempt the speaker and the Deputy Speaker, on charges by "mismanagement and negligence", indicating that they decided to grill the Governor in preparation for another exemption from the post, while the President stressed "the article" that he would appeal the decision to the "illegal and driven" by outside parties, promised Deputy "article" as constituting "a coup d'Etat" to the political process.