Virtue: abolition article 26 from the national card is incompatible with the constants of Islam

Friday 20 November 2015 19:14

I block virtue, Friday, that the repeal of article 26, which was opposed by the representatives of the non-Muslim religions of national card act contrary to "constants of Islam", pointing out that the article conform with the Constitution which requires no legislation, any law inconsistent with those "constants".

The President said the bloc mp Ammar tastes in a statement faxed to news copy Sumerian, that "article (26) of the identity card which States (following minor children in the religion of Islam embraced parents) are consistent with the Constitution and cannot be canceled because it is contrary to Islam, the Iraqi Constitution stipulated that no legislation, any law inconsistent with it", showing his non objection "to add a paragraph to the following text (following minor children in the religion of Islam embraced his parents and their To choose when they reach the age of majority religion convinced them) ".

Tohme said objectors to the article "problematic group that said the Constitution stipulates (may not enact a law contrary to the principles of democracy), the answer is that democracy includes standard adoption the majority view at the difference, and that's what the all democratic experiences through institutions elected directly from the people, if the democratic principle allows for the adoption of the majority opinion convinced him how can as opposed to the principles of democracy? And you gave up the majority opinion and conviction democratic or minority dictatorship? ".

He added that "each stated that minor parent religion of Muslims is coercion and demanded to stay on a parent's religion non-Muslim) ", wondering "why are prompted to append the minor parent non-Muslim religion is palatable and consistent with freedom, not coercion when we say to a Muslim considers parental coercion? Then that coercion (force others not which pleases him and not his choice) in unrealized resource to that coercion creates corners where the issuance of threats and intimidation from one person to others carried out by the right if, as you know that the subject only as causing minor religion Muslim and one parent does not have any actual threat but left him when reaching the age of majority to choose the religion that satisfied, where coercion in the matter? ".

Tohme recalled that "each stated that paragraph (a) of article (2) of the Constitution provides that no law contradicts Islam constants are restricted by paragraph (b) of the same article, which States (may not enact a law contrary to the principles of democracy) quoted a derogation to paragraph (b) after paragraph (a) then she bound her, then added (Ellis past and nullifies restricts subsequent.) And the answer is if the advent article rank suffix for other material gives it a capacity restriction or cancellation of, say, paragraph (b) of article (2) (may not enact a law contrary to the principles of democracy)-according to the standard that you put-restricted or abolished by subsequent paragraph (this Constitution guarantees the preservation of the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people) are also determined that democratic principles endorsed by the Constitution are those that maintain the Islamic identity and achieved abroad and committed to the constants of Islam ".

The other thing is that "the meetings and discussions of the Constitutional Committee and its supporting evidence of interpretation and statement purpose of the constitutional legislator and everybody remembers (members of the Constitutional Committee) to provide the content of paragraph (a) in article 2, paragraph (b) of article II purpose statement governorship paragraph (a) (not the enactment may contradict Islam constants) for paragraph (b) in the event of conflict, is Collège bounces-conflict-that the culture and identity of the Iraqi people, a Muslim does not lead to opposition to Islam", adding "If bring down us We accepted the existence of a contradiction between paragraph (a) and (b) of article (2) of the Constitution to combine them if the persistent conflict is the return of the uncleships such as (Islam is the State religion and a source basis for legislation) such as (this Constitution guarantees the preservation of the Islamic identity), is her identity needs and notably the commitment to the constants of Islam ".

He tastes that "each stated that the provision was incompatible with human rights, and the answer is that human rights provisions in accordance with the principle that you believe is what civilized States adopted what worked in regulating and belonging to the nation and nationality Affairs and personal rights of the human being and addressing the same laws of those States in the event of a difference in belonging to the nation between the father and the mother is append boys one who harbored in the country of origin, and is known as the cherished human belief maintains also maintains and cherishes his homeland And, it does grant the boy citizenship of a foreign country that is not his father belongs in violation of human rights? And granting of the nationality of the country of the obligations and duties of the minor child may not understand as well as the acceptance or implementation of the freedom of choice, while in article (26), leaving him to choose at what convinced him of a debt, no debt obligations as long as minor because it is conditional on the blog and check ".

The House of representatives voted, (27 October 2015) national card bill, opposed by representatives of non-Muslim religions in the Council article 26 and they compel minors of non-Muslims to convert to Islam "coercion".

Then the sound board, (17 November 2015), the wording of the decision to take measures to amend the law on the national card, specifically article 26 in accordance with the Constitution and the rights of minorities in Iraqi society.