China: illegal transfers of more than $ 125 billion
Date: 11/20/2015 18:04

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
Official newspaper, announced Friday, said that "China has begun a crackdown on underground banks in April and so far discovered more than 170 cases of money laundering and illegal transfers worth in excess of 800 billion yuan, 125.34 billion dollars.
The daily newspaper "the people", which is the mouthpiece of the Communist Party in an article published on its website that "the illegal flows of such" capital of Ramadi, "This did not only affect the foreign exchange management system in the country, but also hurt the financial markets system."

Although the campaign in which the Chinese Police Authority on co-organized exchange market and the Central Bank of China has made some progress, the illegal activities of Chinese banks and the secret spread position is still serious, according to the newspaper.

The article said that in one of the cases of the transfer of funds illegally - the largest that have been discovered so far in China - was transferred about 410 billion yuan of Chinese money abroad using the accounts of non-residents in the exploitation of loopholes, recounted what "Reuters" reported.

And moves the Chinese central bank and the foreign exchange market to put restrictions on the channels that can transfer funds through which illegally out of the country in order to maintain the stability of financial flows and maintain exchange rates low to boost growth in Albulad.anthy / 25