Kurdistan is seeking to exploit the Kuwaiti investments in the region

Author: AHF, HAA
Editor: AHF

2015/11/20 17:37

Long-Presse / Baghdad
He announced the Kuwaiti Consul General in the Kurdistan region, on Friday, the desire of the Kurdish side to take advantage of Kuwaiti investments in the region, and while pointing to the existence of several areas of investment in the region, he stressed that Kuwait has existing projects currently in the province, especially in the field of iron industries and food products.

The Kuwait News Agency in a report seen by the (long-Presse), said that "in an effort from Kuwait to enhance cooperation in the field of investment with the Kurdistan region Kuwaiti Consul General in Erbil Omar Al-Kandari met with the investment in the Kurdistan Regional Government loyal Murad attended by general managers to invest in the cities of province Kurdistan Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk. "

The report added that "the two sides have held talk in the areas of cooperation and investment sector show the Kuwaiti consulate general trend to build bridges of cooperation with the province and the various institutions."

The report quoted Kandari as saying that "attendance expressed their strong desire to encourage Kuwaiti investments in the region and take advantage of the presence of the Kuwaiti consulate in this area to enhance cooperation between the two sides and expand the scope of investment."

He pointed Kandari to "the existence of several areas to invest in the region, particularly associated with the oil industry, agriculture, tourism and other promising fields," noting that "Kuwait currently has a list of projects in the Kurdistan region, especially in the areas of iron industries and food products."

Kandari stressed that "Arbil is looking to increase the volume of Kuwaiti investments in the region."
Recall that, according to statistics investment in Kurdistan body, the volume of foreign investments in all sectors amounted to more than $ 22 billion since the issuance of the Investment Law and until 2014.