Vice-President of the Iraqi parliament: We will not allow one to abuse us .. and creating a rift between the various components

By Roudao

24 minutes ago

Roudao - Erbil

The deputy head of the Iraqi parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, to condemn the abuse of the flag of the Kurdistan Region, saying, "We have provided thousands of martyrs from our youth under the shadow of this flag, so that others enjoy from components and nationalities and denominations different security and safety", stressing that "the person or group that carried out this work shameful, they are against peaceful coexistence and trying to destabilize the service of the enemies of this country's situation. "

He called the deputy speaker of parliament, of the province of Karbala to clarify all these events, offering who carried out this work to the competent authorities.

This came after activists traded on the social networking sites video clip aware of the Kurdistan Region shows the subject on the ground in one of the city of Karbala markets, people and cars from passing it.

In the same context, he denied the Karbala Provincial Council member Majed Saeed al-Maliki, put the flag of the Kurdistan Region on the floor of one of the streets of the province.

Maliki said, the network Roudao media, "We deny publication of any video clip is bad for the Kurdish people and if we disagree with certain people about certain policy that does not mean we stand deduced with the Kurdish people."

Maliki photographer and questioned the validity of the section by saying that "attributed section of people deployed status flag of the Kurdistan Region in a street in the city of Karbala may be a fabrication, and other cities such as Mosul and Ramadi."

He said al-Maliki "If the section already exists in Karbala, we condemn it, this act does not reflect the government agencies to maintain position, and we will take the necessary measures on the subject."