Demanding Kirkuk Baghdad, Erbil without payment of petrodollars being free the last two years

(Voice of Iraq) Energy Commission demanded Kirkuk Kirkuk provincial Council, Friday, the Governments of the Centre and the Kurdistan conservative dues of petrodollars being free the last two years, noted that the province exports about 390 thousand barrels of oil a day from fields in the divided province administered between the NOC and the territorial Government.

And Vice Chairman of the Energy Commission, Najat Hussein for Sumerian news, "Kirkuk provincial Council demands that the Government of Iraq of the need to launch the conservative budget of petrodollars being free because most projects stopped because of lack of financial budget to pay dues to a lot of projects", adding it "Baghdad and Erbil governorate dues".

He said that "Kirkuk crude source divides into two parts, the first issued by the North oil company, Kirkuk fields to export up to 190 thousand barrels per day, and the second section of any good Havana located in the Kaza of molasses, (45 km northwest of Kirkuk), where the Kurdistan Ministry of natural resources to export about 200 thousand barrels of crude oil to total daily exports from Kirkuk to around 390 thousand barrels"

And good, "the province relies heavily on petrodollars being free that contributed to the budget during the last period of the large urban renaissance in preservation and conservation funds haven't of petrodollars being free project two years ago", pointing out that "there is a dynamic in many provinces to sell their oil independently of the non-fulfilment of the provision of balancing conservation pays for these actions".

He was Chairman of the parliamentary competencies block Haitham al-Jabouri, Monday (19 October 2015), decision of the Council of Ministers on fiscal balance by subtracting "one billion dollars" of Kurdistan if oil, expressed surprise of "waiver" Governor of Kirkuk province of Kirkuk and share his claim to the Iraqi Government.

Kirkuk Governor threatened Najm al-Din Karim, Monday (5 October 2015) that the province would not remain idle due to non-payment of their dues finance, pointing out that the mayor had not received any support from the Government, despite receiving 600 thousand displaced people.