Abadi .. reforms between pressure and the threat of withdrawal of confidence

Friday November, 2015 20

Taking to talk about the withdrawal of confidence in Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi moves from the scenes of special political and galleries to the general public and the Iraqi street, in sync with the reform steps and measures taken or announced by al-Abadi during the past two months, in response to calls by the religious authority in Najaf, and down when the demands of the spectrum wide of the Iraqi public of various stripes, trends, and affiliations.

It is not clear so far Parties driving to file no-confidence in such a circumstance delicate and dangerous security and political and economic, but may not be a secret or away from the circle conclusion correct analysis, that the agendas of withdrawal of confidence and that was partly based on the convincing and acceptable justification for a certain amount, but it Payment to graduate from the scope of matters to more complexity and aggravation, and those agendas interfere in the internal factors and external factors, as well as the interests and interfere accounts with the interests of certain figures and calculations of the forces of political and partisan entities.

Perhaps look in-depth, long and hopes in the overall reactions of the landscape we came to the conclusion, that the parties that opposed the reforms from the start, or later discovered they intersect with their own interests, the same ones he began to move on in different ways and tools for various activate and move to withdraw confidence from file Abadi, taking into account that if it had been unable to dislodge, they can not succeed in weakening and surround, and if you do not succeed do so. In the worst Recognitions are Bachgalh and confuse, and thus emptying the reforms of the content of the project, and the addition of another crisis to the long list of crises that burden the Iraqis, but fade thus any hopes and wishes of the accession to move forward, even if slightly.

And the first to oppose the reforms, but standing at her with all his strength, are mafias financial corruption that permeated over the past twelve years, years, in all aspects of the state, sensitive and important ones, which have the potential of very large financial resources in particular, and some of those mafias linked Window forces and influential political figures, and naturally that cut costs and austerity will reflect adversely upon, Worse still, open the files of corruption will lead to expose and undressing, and this is what you are trying to prevent getting any price.

The other team, who opposes the reforms, is those parties that lost government positions allow them to retain some of its influence and privileges, as well as the parties that lost part of its privileges, both in the executive, legislative or judicial, as well as military and security institutions.

Group III opponent of the reforms, represented by a particular political direction, wants to separate reforms as commensurate with the interests and orientations, by introducing inter conditions and demands, including a general amnesty for prisoners, and allow the return of displaced people to their areas and cities, and to approve the arming and funding of the sons of the occupied territories Daash by the organization to take over their own edit their areas.

There, along with all those, who believe "that al-Abadi weak and confused and hesitant in his steps and procedures, and that he is unable to do anything a real, not to mention that all that he has done so far does not reflect a vision of reform profound and mature, so things will continue to spin in a circle a vicious, if not worsen in light of the financial crisis, security challenges, political disputes and, if they can be to look for a strong alternative to Ebadi and firm. "

And even if that vision is correct, which is, in part, as well, but the treatment and the solution seems totally realistic in the midst of Maimer by Iraq of serious challenges and critical conditions.

In the last sermon of the reference religious of saucer-Husseini Mosque in the holy city of Karbala, said a certified reference Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, that reform measures undertaken during the last period, were not significant, however, he stressed the need to continue, and unite everyone to make it work, and not stumping the constitution to make it fail and hinder, that effort, some have interpreted the reference position as the support of Ebadi and emphasize the need for further reforms, and expanded, despite the fact that some circles and forums driving to file "confidence pull" of al-Abadi, tried to portray not the last encounter in his visit to Najaf Najaf with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani that implicit message content "that raised her hand for reference Abadi", and this is may be far from reality, especially since the period of time since the start of reforms did not exceed four months.

In addition to the internal parties opposition to the reforms, and seeking at the same time to move the "confidence pull" for al-Abadi, the external limbs, it may have been the United States among them, to adopt a similar measure, necessarily Aahdv to oust al-Abadi and remove him from the presidency, but is intended to Msahumich and force him to provide among other concessions, including, scaled the popular crowd and not be given a pivotal role in the fight against al-Daash, as well as turning a blind eye to any Barre presence of US forces in Iraq, and not to use the Russians in the fight against terrorism, as did Syria, and meet some of the demands of the Sunni component.

The US move was to detract for a conference in the city of Arbil, different political parties, some of which shows the political process, and others are required to eliminate, from the context of the pressure on the government and its president, in order to show flexibility on the issues referred to above, it is unlikely to take advantage of Washington thrills "withdraw confidence "to direct more pressure on al-Abadi, which can and find strong reactions by some of the participants in the political process, especially some Abadi allies in the Iraqi National Alliance, which represents the majority in the House of Representatives.

What should be emphasized here, that the procedures and steps of reform, with all the poses and raised around observations and reservations and the duties, it is necessary to continue and continue, and correct the erroneous and hasty tracks, as well as the any move to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister at the current stage specifically means more paperwork shuffle , opening the door wide open to options mysterious, difficult agreement and consensus on any of them in a short time, Moreover, crises and security, economic and political problems that exist currently will not find its way to solution, if increasingly intertwined and overlapping and complicated in the light of local and regional environment open to all -bl and worst-options.