Jordan denies the relationship of one of its banks by 250 by Huda bank transfer.

Showed documents, published (range) today, Jordanian authorities denied a relationship with banks by bank transfers Huda Saleh dozens of Iraqi companies exceeded the price billions of dollars.
After the address by the CBI with (AML/CFT), one on 250 conversion process conducted by Bank Huda dozens companies across Jordanian Housing Bank. Jordanian authorities responded "not found the Housing Bank for trade and finance reporter was specifically benefiting from remittances within the available information submitted by you". The documents were uncovered (range), today, that Huda Bank obtained profits estimated at 18 billion dinars during the 4 months only meet foreign transfers by 1.8 billion dollars obtained from currency difference obtained from the auction of Central Bank.
The documents indicated that continue (range) published by Al-Huda Bank b 163 converted the dollar abroad to calculate dozens of local companies. According to the documents, included Central Bank communications, 85 of these operations were conducted without statements of balances.