Numbers .. Parliament reveals the real salaries of its members after government reforms

Yesterday (11/18/2015), 23:20

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Presidency of the Council of Representatives revealed, for the salaries of members of the council after the application of government reforms, pointing out that the nominal salary will be four million dinars without a certificate and post allocations.

The council said in a statement received "Sky Press," that "the salary of a member of the House of Representatives was 12.9 million dinars before the launch of the reform package, while the total salary amounted to vice after application of the reduction in accordance with resolution 333, the highest rates of 10 million dinars."

He added that "nominal salary of the member will be four million dinars, with an additional allocation of office in the amount of 2 million dinars, as well as a certificate that will be 100% of the holders of doctorate allocations, and 75% of the campaign master's degree, and 45% of the campaign bachelor's degree, either diploma campaign ( Institute) would be 35%, and the middle 25% of the total nominal salary. "

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged in the 11th of August to continue the current reforms and a covenant with the people, saying that "I will continue even if it cost my life."