The central bank issued currency 500 dinars in Kurdish as well as Arabic and EnglishSIZE=5][/SIZE]

Today, 00:12

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Central Bank of Iraq issued on Thursday, a new currency of category 500 dinars, printed in Kurdish as well as Arabic and English, and is scheduled to issue a class of 100 thousand dinars during the next few months.

She said a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, in a press statement, I followed "Sky Press," that "the Central Bank of Iraq, and decided after pressure from the Kurds of Representatives, print new currency in Kurdish as well."

Najib said that "the decision was made to issue a new currency of 100 thousand dinars category, and seeks the Iraqi Central Bank to contract with a company to print the new currency", noting that it will be written in Kurdish as well. "

The Central Bank of Iraq, issued a new currency category of 50 thousand dinars during the past few days, which is printed in Kurdish as well as Arabic and English.