Next week .. Integrity Committee receives answers to corruption files, "Hamdiya dry" (Details)

19-11-2015 08:30 PM

Revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, the formation of a special committee to consider the answers to be presented by the head of the Iraqi Trade Bank Hamdiya dry on corrupt files opened by the Commission.

The committee member said Mohammed fact in a press statement, said that the 'Committee hosted the President of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry and Associate Director and Director Department of bank credits to find out the corruption files that many by talking recently ', noting that' the Integrity Committee offered several questions on the dry and waiting for the answers made ​​during the next week.

"He said the fact that the 'parliamentary integrity formed a sub-committee especially from within to consider the answers that will be provided Director of the Bank for consideration and decision ', adding that' one of the things that await Committee dry answers for which granted to the company Mercury Foodstuff and loans granted banking facilities to one of the cement companies in Kirkuk and the funds transferred in favor of the North Bank, which is owned Nevzat dry and facilities granted to a number of other companies '.

He said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, that the' Committee demanded the dry provide a detailed report on the work of the bank and its branches in all parts of Iraq and the top ten loans granted bank and what financial guarantees and banking facilities and real estate that was bought and rented ', pointing out that' there are loans disbursed outside controls being checked on them '.