Legal representative: We intend to pass an amnesty law before the end of this year

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} parliamentary legal committee announced Thursday its intention to pass a general amnesty law during the current year.

The deputy head of the Legal Committee Muhsin al-Sadoun, told a news conference in parliament attended by the correspondent agency {Euphrates News}, that "the general amnesty law has read the first reading, and again, and we received several proposals from the views of other civil society organizations, and are working to add the proposals according to the suit with the law.
"He pointed to the existence of exceptions to the universality law, stressing that" the Commission has repeatedly demanded the Ministry of Justice by providing them with the number of positions across the country; to mature the law is finalized; in order to vote on it.

"He concluded Sadoun that" bent on the inclusion of the law to a vote of the Committee, and passes through this year.

"It is said that the amnesty law of controversial laws, has been postponed to more than parliamentary cycle; because of the political forces disagreement about who include in the amnesty law, and which are excluded from coverage, while the consensus obtained a non-inclusion of the involvement of the blood of Iraqis in the law, as well as terrorists. Ended h