Council Basra: we export more than we take and we will sell oil in the absence of our right to give us your full budget

Baghdad-and babysit - confirmed the Basra Governorate Council member Morteza cream lipodeca, selling its product Basra oil to cover the necessary expenses to maintain.
And between lipodeca in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Thursday, he said that "the local government in Basra suffer most from the" unfairness "by the central government and the Finance Ministry specifically to give imports ports and imports per dollar, which was made in previous years", He is explaining that "the proposed budget law for 2016 penalized the right of Basra and we had a direct meeting with members of parliament and asked them not to vote on this budget because of the injustice and prejudice to the right of the Basra Governorate of fiscal expenditure".

He said lipodeca that "Basra Governorate Council issued three million barrels from the land of Basra to all of Iraq's accounting for 80% of exports, while the Kurdistan region, it issued less than that by a large margin, however, been given the proportion of more than Basra, where constitute a proportion of 17% of the budget." , pointing out that "if the central government refused to give the right of Basra full local government in Basra have the all the legal ways and do the export of the first of four well-known and addressed fields in Basra and will be announced to invest as well."

He noted lipodeca to "the local government in Basra are going to take their full rights through the legal act which was not provided by the central government in the 2016 budget."